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5 Quick and Easy Gifts to Sew!

5 Quick and Easy Gifts to Sew! - Andrie Designs

The holiday season is officially in full swing and I thought you might need some last minute gifts to sew. I’ve rounded up some of Lisa’s top beginner patterns that are not only easy but quick to make! So if you need to make just one more gift, check out this list for some inspiration.

Classic Clutch

The Classic Clutch - 5 Quick and Easy Gifts to Sew! - Andrie Designs

The Classic Clutch is the perfect stash buster pattern. Use up little scraps of your statement fabrics to put together unique and fun clutches for everyone! They make excellent make up bags for the travellers on your list!

Statement Clutch

The Statement Clutch - 5 Quick and Easy Gifts to Sew! - Andrie Designs

The Statement Clutch is perfect if you’ve been hoarding some special lace or a fancy fabric. Overlay it over a solid cotton for a truly special design. It also gives you a chance to whip yourself up a little something for your next holiday party!

Polly Cross Body Pouch

Polly Crossbody Bag - 5 Quick and Easy Gifts to Sew! - Andrie Designs

Originally a free pattern for subscribing to Lisa’s newsletter, the Polly Cross Body Pouch is great for people of all ages. You can easily make this pattern with small amounts of fabric and interfacing. Use the flap as your focal point and customise it for each little one in your life. Better yet, take it to the next level and use some vinyl for the body for a more mature pouch!

Roll With It Tote

Roll With It Tote - 5 Quick and Easy Gifts to Sew! - Andrie Designs

The Roll With It Tote is a personal favourite of mine because it’s a great size and comfortable to carry! The outer pockets are perfect for using large motif fabric designs. Use piping or don’t and you still end up with a beautiful bag every time!

Stand Up Clutch

The Stand Up Clutch - 5 Quick and Easy Gifts to Sew! - Andrie Designs

The Stand Up Clutch is an excellent choice if you have little ones in your life who want a special bag to carry. Have fun with fabric placement and your interfacing choices for a special design every time. This one is also an excellent stash buster to use up those little bits for the triangle pieces at the top!

Are you ready for the holidays? I know I’ll be making a masculine version of the Stand up Clutch for my son this Christmas with some fun video game fabrics! If you create something from this list, head on over to the Andrie Designs Facebook Group to share your makes. We can’t wait to see what you create for the holidays!

Happy holidays
<3 Aimee from The Little Bird Designs

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