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Adventure Time Backpack Sew Along: Day Two – Front Pocket

Adventure Time Backpack Sew Along - Andrie Designs

Welcome to day two of the Adventure Time Backpack Sew Along. Today we start the fun stuff: Sewing!

To recap on where we are at, visit the previous blog posts:

Today we will be looking at:

  • Creating your front outer zipper pocket (pages 5 & 6)
  • Creating your front gusset (pages 6, 7, & 8)
  • Creating your front pocket (pages 8 & 9)

Adventure Time Backpack Sew Along: Day Two Front Pocket - two pretty poppets

You will need:

  • The Adventure Time Backpack pattern
  • Pattern pieces:
    • Front panel outer zipper pocket
    • Front panel – outer
    • Front panel – lining
    • Front gusset – outer
    • Front gusset – lining
    • Front gusset – zipper tab
    • Middle outer panel
    • Front contrast panel
    • Fleece or foam for the middle panel (I leave this uncut for now and use the pieced panel to cut the foam to size when it is required).
  • Piping
  • Shorter dress zip
  • Shorter long pull/chunky zip
  • Ruler and pen/pencil/chalk
  • Fabric glue or tape
  • Scissors or pinking shears
  • Sewing tools of your choice (pins, clips, etc.).

Lucky for us, the first task is a standard zipper pocket. I think Lisa wanted to ease us into things ; )

The pattern has great instructions for this step but if you need a little more guidance be sure to check out the Create a Zipper Pocket Quick Reference Sheet. A photographic tutorial is also available in this blog post: Stand Up & Tote Notice Pattern Hack – Adding an inner zipper pocket (be sure to use the measurements given in the Adventure Time Backpack pattern though).

If you find the zipper pull is getting in the way of your sewing machine foot simple stop sewing with the needle down, lift the foot and shimmy the zipper pull under the foot and back out of the way. I find hooking a paper clip on to the zipper pull makes it much easier to move.

I like to add my own 37 pieces of flair by stitching a double line around the zipper. It’s your creation so go wild. Let’s make this baby shine!

Adventure Time Backpack Sew Along: Day Two Front Pocket - two pretty poppets

Now we move on to the front gusset (step 5), which is much easier to sew than it may seem. Take the time to read the instructions thoroughly. Do not rush this step or you will find yourself on an unexpected date with Mr Seam Ripper…and he’s not known for his riveting conversation.

I decided to liven things up a bit and basted my zipper by stitching it in place with a 1/8” seam allowance (talk about living on the edge). You might find glue, tape or pins are a great alternative for this. I warn you now, don’t even attempt to attach the front gusset – outer, front gusset – lining and the zipper without basting the zipper in place first (unless you’re super talented). It will end in much wine misery.

Adventure Time Backpack Sew Along: Day Two Front Pocket - two pretty poppets

Once you have attached your front gusset – lining and top stitched (step 8) your gusset should look a little something like this:

Adventure Time Backpack Sew Along: Day Two Front Pocket - two pretty poppets

When attaching the front gusset – zipper tab pieces (step 10), be sure to sew slowly over the zipper teeth so as not to break or bend your needle. You may even need to turn the handwheel manually.

Adventure Time Backpack Sew Along: Day Two Front Pocket - two pretty poppets

Pop your completed gusset to one side and we’ll move on to the front pocket (step 12). Double check that you are attaching the narrower piping at this step. If you need further guidance with piping, download the Create and Attach Piping Quick Reference Sheet. I particularly like that Lisa attaches the piping, stitches the two panels together, and then stitches over the seam line a second time. I find this really helps to get the piping sitting neatly.

Follow the pattern instructions carefully to complete the front pocket. Remember to take your time, read the instructions thoroughly, and sew slowly. The more time you spend here, the less time you’ll spend listening to Mr Seam Ripper tell you about that time he watched paint dry.

After you’ve attached the gusset to the front pocket (step 13) your panel should be looking similar to this:

Adventure Time Backpack Sew Along: Day Two Front Pocket - two pretty poppets

Once the contrast piece is attached to the front panel (step 16), baste one of your Back & Middle Panels fleece/foam using a 1/4” seam allowance. If you haven’t cut your foam yet, use the completed front panel as a template (The following photo shows what I mean by this, though it is using a different piece of the bag).

Adventure Time Backpack Sew Along: Day One Preparation - two pretty poppets

Finally, attach the wider piping to the outer edge of the of front panel, as you did for the front pocket.

You should now have a complete front section of your backpack looking a little something like this:

Isn’t it awesome!!! On Friday, 1 July 2016, we will move on to creating the outer back and sides of the bag.

Remember to post any questions, photos, hints and tips, or encouragement in the Andrie Designs Facebook group.

Until Friday.

Rachael x

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