Stand Up & Tote Notice Pattern Hack – Key Hook

Stand Up & Tote Notice Hack - Adding a key hook - Andrie Designs

A few days ago I released this great pattern hack for adding an inner zipper pocket to your Stand Up & Tote Notice bag. It had me thinking about other features I could include to really take this bag to the next level. I didn’t have to think long before I realised this was the […]

Stand Up Clutch

Stand Up Clutch - Andrie Designs

At some point throughout the Stand Up Swap 2016 that my lovely friend Rachael from Sew Today, Clean Tomorrow was running in my patterns group on Facebook, I had one of those light bulb moments! How awesome would it be to have a mini Stand Up bag of some sort to compliment all these amazing […]

Stand Up & Tote Notice Pattern Hack – Inner Zipper Pocket

Stand Up & Tote Notice Hack - Adding inner zipper pocket - Andrie Designs

With two outer and four inner pockets, you would think we had more than enough storage space in the Stand Up & Tote Notice bag…but you’d be wrong. Today’s pattern hack adds another level of pocket awesomeness with an inner zipper pocket – woohoo! You can add a zipper pocket alongside, or in place of […]

Summer Lovin’ Beach Tote

Summer Lovin' Beach Tote - Andrie Designs

Late last year, one of my darling customers asked me if I had a beach bag pattern to which I had to answer ‘No, I don’t!’… ? It got me thinking though and it wasn’t long before an idea popped into my head. After a few consultations with a very important group of people (aka […]

Installing a Screw In Turn Lock

Installing A Screw In Turn Lock - Andrie Designs

Well hello! Lovely to have you here! Today I want to talk about turn locks… One of my most favourite types of handbag hardware (well, at the moment anyway…)! When it comes to making bags, I feel hardware is one of the key elements that really sets the bag apart from the next. I reckon […]

The Statement Clutch – Pattern Hack!

The Statement Clutch - Pattern Hack! - Andrie Designs

Hello everyone! I can’t help but LOVE pattern hacks and thought it was about time for a pattern hack for one of my more recent patterns, The Statement Clutch! I know many people have asked how to add an inner zipper pocket to the clutch (instead of the slip pocket as per the pattern), so […]

Cheeky Monkey Softie

Cheeky Monkey Softie - two pretty poppets

Happy New Year everyone!!! To kick 2016 off, I’ve joined forces with some of the other AH-mazing contributors from Issue 9 of One Thimble, digital sewing magazine, to bring you this exciting little blog tour through some of the patterns included in the issue. I chose to use the Cheeky Monkey Softie pattern to make […]