Hardware Heaven: Swivel Hooks and Sliders

Hardware Heaven: Swivel Hooks and Sliders - Andrie Designs

If there is one thing I really love about bags, it’s all the options. Today it’s a shoulder bag, tomorrow it’s cross-body. Apparently it’s unnecessary to have an entire room dedicated to bags though (pfft, what do they know), so I like to incorporate some of the more practical ideas into my creations, turning a […]

Feature Me Everyday Tote

Feature Me Everyday Tote - Andrie Designs

With the increasing number of beautiful feature fabrics on the market, I felt it was time to add a pattern to my range that enabled one to show off these feature fabrics. I wanted it to have a small amount of piecing, but not so much that it overtook the chosen centrepiece for the outer […]

Hardware Heaven: O-Rings, D-Rings and Rectangular Rings

Hardware Heaven: O-Rings, D-Rings and Rectangular Rings - Andrie Designs

O-Rings, D-Rings and Rectangular Rings are some more common hardware components of bag making that are not only practical, but add a whole new level of blingliness to your bag. They’re particularly useful as attachment points for handles and removable straps. Thankfully, they are super easy to install! In fact, if you can sew a […]

Meet the Maker: Pink Elefant Creations

Meet the Maker: Pink Elefant Creations - Andrie Designs

With a background in hairdressing it’s no surprise that our Meet the Maker guest today brings a certain unique funkiness to the bag making world. Her great use of colour never fails to brighten my Facebook news feed. I introduce to you the lovely Tara, from Pink Elefant Creations. Tell us a little about yourself. […]

Hardware Heaven: Turn Locks

Hardware Heaven: Turn Locks - Andrie Designs

Last week we touched a little on the bread and butter of the handbag hardware world, the magnetic snap (read more about them here). If magnetic snaps are the bread and butter, then turn locks (also known as twist locks) are the Toblerone cheesecake. They may not be a necessity, but life sure would be […]

Stand Up & Tote Notice Pattern Hack – Closure Tab

Stand Up & Tote Notice Hack - Closure Tab - Andrie Designs

Just when you thought the Stand Up & Tote Notice pattern couldn’t get any better I throw this spanner of genius into the works. This funky little closure tab is a great substitute for the magnetic snaps attached to the lining, as detailed in the pattern. Follow the tutorial below to add yet another level […]

Hardware Heaven: Magnetic Snaps

Hardware Heaven: Magnetic Snaps - Andrie Designs

Magnetic snaps are the bread and butter of the bag hardware world. They’re super easy to install and add a certain level of professionalism, not to mention practicality, to your bag. If you’re a beginner to bag hardware, magnetic snaps are a great starting point. While there are a zillion different varieties of magnetic snaps, […]