Hang About Toiletry Bag Sew Along – DAY ONE

Hang About Toiletry Bag Sew Along - Andrie Designs

Welcome, welcome, welcome! I’m SEW excited to have you join me in this fun little sew along for one of my latest patterns, the Hang About Toiletry Bag. Throughout the sew along I will be stepping you through the construction of your Hang About Toiletry Bag, answering questions, providing a few tips and tricks, and […]

two pretty poppets is starting a blog…!

Yes, you read right… I’m starting a blog…! Not one that I write and post to every day, or every week or even every month… Just every now and again if I feel I have something worth sharing with you… ๐Ÿ™‚ This concept of ‘writing a blog’ is very new to me, let me tell […]

Little Freehand Pack

Little Freehand Pack - Pattern Inspiration - Andrie Designs

The story behind this pattern is one that is very close to my heartโ€ฆ My wonderful Dad โ€“ someone who never asks me for anything โ€“ asked me to design him a bag. Not just any bag, he wanted something small and compact, that he could wear around his waist while working in the bush […]

Stand Up & Tote Notice

Stand Up and Tote Notice - Pattern Inspiration - Andrie Designs

Following the fun of my Goinโ€™ Uptown Tote and Heavy Hauler Tote Bag patterns, I felt it was time for an easier pattern โ€“ one with less pieces and one that came together MUCH more quickly! I wanted to design a basic tote bag that had only had a handful of pieces, was a nice […]

Hang About Toiletry Bag

Hang About Toiletry Bag - Pattern Inspiration - Andrie Designs

After having to look at my hubbyโ€™s shabby, old toiletry bag for one too many trips away, I felt it was time to make him a new one and surprisingly, he agreed! I discussed this need with a very close colleague of mine, and she pointed out that there seemed to be a gap in […]

Heavy Hauler Tote Bag

Heavy Hauler Tote Bag - Pattern Inspiration - Andrie Designs

I felt it was time to create a bag with a different type of hardware and came to find myself pondering the possibilities of the internal wire frames by Emmaline Bagsโ€ฆ After much pondering, and a few trials of different designs, I arrived at the Heavy Hauler Tote Bag. The frames help provide a beautifully […]

Goin’ Uptown Tote

Goin' Uptown Tote - Pattern Inspiration - Andrie Designs

I needed a bigger shopping bag. There, I said it. And for some crazy reason, I decided to design my ownโ€ฆ (I think Iโ€™m a bit fussy, LOL!). I knew what I wanted โ€“ it needed to be a good size, hold a fair amount of things without looking big and bulky on my shoulder, […]