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Cleo Everyday Wallet – VIDEO: Folding the Wings

Cleo Everyday Wallet - Video - Folding the Wings - Andrie Designs

Good morning ladies and gentlemen! Coming soon to a screen near you – it’s the Cleo Everyday Wallet video!!!

Ok… So maybe not quite ‘big motion picture’ size, and maybe not ‘soon’ (it’s actually now, LOL!), but yes – I have a wonderful short clip for you on how to fold your Cleo Everyday Wallet wings! You can find the video below!


What is this Cleo Everyday Wallet you speak of?! Click HERE to find out!

This clip was filmed and graciously shared with me by the lovely Danielle from Paisley Avenue. Danielle makes the most darling bags, as well as children’s clothing, so please pop over to her Facebook page and check her out! You can find her page here. You can also find her on Instagram here!

Paisley Avenue - Andrie Designs

Here are a few photos of one of her latest Cleo Everyday Wallets –

Front of wallet - Cleo Everyday Wallet - Andrie Designs

Back of wallet - Cleo Everyday Wallet - Andrie Designs

Inside of Wallet - Cleo Everyday Wallet - Andrie Designs

Top view - Cleo Everyday Wallet - Andrie Designs

Remember to go and check out Danielle’s Facebook page here to see all her gorgeous handmade goodness! You can find the Cleo Everyday Wallet here.

I hope the video helps some of you get your heads around the folding of the wings! Once you’ve done it once, you’ll be wondering what you were worried about as they really aren’t that hard at all (I don’t think!).

Happy folding! Lisa x

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