Customer Creations – V Pouch

Customer Creations - V Pouch - Andrie Designs

The V Pouch launched back in October so we thought we would take this chance to share the ones that have been made since for this month’s edition of Customer Creations! This roundup has some pretty little pouches to look at so read on to be inspired by bag makers just like you!

Karina made this beautiful V Pouch using the prettiest fabric! That Beauty and the Beast stained glass print is just stunning!

Karina's Beauty and the Beast V Pouch - Customer Creations - V Pouch - Andrie Designs

Lorna took a prickly approach with her V Pouch! We just love the cactus on this one and that pop of green on the zipper is perfect too!

Jo W shared with us her super fun Hello Kitty V Pouch! The print was an excellent size for this little pouch!

Jo W's Hello Kitty V Pouch - Customer Creations - V Pouch - Andrie Designs

Our cover girl this month is this Tula Pink themed V Pouch that Jo G created. Sometimes Tula’s prints can be too large for small pouches but this little fox looks like it was made for Jo’s V Pouch!

Jo G's Tula Pink V Pouch - Customer Creations - V Pouch - Andrie Designs

Robin created this denim blue V Pouch and it is just so classy looking! Plus, how fun is that round zipper pull!

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From Instagram

My favourite thing to do every month is scroll through the #andriedesigns and #andriedesignspatterns hashtags on Instagram. Check out the beautiful V Pouches that have been made!

What was your favourite V Pouch made? I just love the pouch that Lorna made! I am slowly becoming a plant lady and cactus are so easy to keep alive!

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