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Snaps and Turn Locks

Hello bag makers! Today we have a round-up for you of all of our tutorials for snaps and turn locks! If you have been looking for the steps to add these to your bags or clutches, read on to see them below! Tutorials First up we have a collection of tutorials and instructions for installing […]

Instagram Tips for Bag Makers

Instagram Tips for Bag Makers - Andrie Designs

Hello bag makers! We have all-new tips and tricks post for you that will benefit you if you are in the market for selling your handmade creations! Today we are sharing our top tips for sharing on Instagram, especially for you bag makers! So let’s dive right in! Your Profile The number one thing that […]

My Lining Pieces are Smaller?

My Lining Pieces are Smaller - Andrie Designs

Hey bag maker! Something we get asked a lot is “why are my lining pieces smaller than the exterior?” and today we are answering that! Here are our tips to make sure your projects come together beautifully plus why those pieces are smaller! Bag Linings Something you’ll notice when sewing up an Andrie Designs bag, […]

Bag Maker Gift Guide

Bag Maker Gift Guide - Andrie Designs

With holidays right around the corner, we thought now would be the perfect time to put together a gift guide of what bag makers need for Christmas or any special day really! This list has 10 things you can put together in a nice little gift to get the bag maker in your life sorted […]

Adventure Time Backpack Tips and Tricks

Adventure Time Backpack Tips and Tricks - Andrie Designs

Hello bag makers! The Adventure Time Backpack pattern is our backpack pattern that is a huge hit with bag makers during the holidays and prior to the school season! We decided to round up some tips and tricks for this creative bag with the holidays coming up! Check out all the sew along, tutorials and […]

Strap Hacks Round Up!

Strap Hacks Round Up - Andrie Designs

Hello bag makers, we have an interesting round up of tutorials for you today! We are often asked how to add certain straps to various bags and clutches so I thought that now would be the perfect time to round up all these tips and tricks! We have 12 different strap tutorials for you and […]

Adventure Time Backpack – What Goes Where?

Adventure Time Backpack - What Goes Where? - Andrie Designs

Hello, bag makers! Today’s post is short and sweet and is for the Adventure Time Backpack pattern. If you haven’t grabbed your copy of this extremely popular pattern then you can do so here. If you have ever opened up this pattern, you know that it can certainly be an adventure to cut out! One of the […]