My Fabric Stash

My Fabric Stash - Andrie Designs

I don’t know about you but I LOVE looking through other peoples fabric stashes!!! Seeing all their treasures, old and new, is such fun and really opens my eyes to the sheer volume of options available to us creative types!

Keeping that in mind, I thought I’d write a quick blog post to show you MY fabric stash! Compared to others, it’s certainly not a very big stash, however it keeps me going and usually gives me enough options to create new combinations for each bag/design.

So, to kick things off, this is where 95% of my fabric stash is stored… Yes, in a set of drawers which as it would happen, is actually a flat pack set made for wardrobes that I added a ‘lid’ to (aka my pressing station – you can read more about that in my previous post about my workspace. You can find the post here).

two pretty poppets - My Storage

Everyone organises their fabric differently and for me, I like to organise by colour and kind of in a rainbow layout. So, in the first drawer is my pinks and reds. You’ll notice it’s mostly pinks as yes, you may have picked up that I quite like working with pink fabrics…

two pretty poppets - My Fabric Stash

The next drawer down houses my oranges, teal/greens, and my yellows…

two pretty poppets - My Fabric Stash

In the third drawer I have my blues and purples…

two pretty poppets - My Fabric Stash

And in the bottom drawer I have my blacks, whites/creams, browns and golds…

two pretty poppets - My Fabric Stash

That’s pretty much my whole collection of quilting cottons! Not a lot compared to some, but it works for me! (I should add that I have the entire range of both the Endpaper and Grow collections from Alison Glass on their way to me as I write this, but I’m not really sure where I’m going to put them… LOL!).

As well as quilting cottons, I have a small stash of glitter vinyl which I keep on rolls in the corner of my sewing room, as well as a few laminated cottons and larger pieces of leather…

two pretty poppets - My Fabric Stash

I also have a pile of leather scraps (great for accent pieces!) and a small amount of cork as well, which live in a different drawer (and yes, my cork is STILL in it’s packaging after purchasing it from Voodoo Rabbit Fabric – I just don’t have the heart to cut into it yet!)…

two pretty poppets - My Fabric Stash

And that’s pretty much it! One day I hope to have a larger sewing room where I can organise all my fabric stash in one cohesive arrangement (one can dream can’t they?!), but for now, this is what I have so I just have to roll with it!

Next time I’ll share how I store some of my smaller notions etc., but for now tell me, did you spot anything that looks familiar…?

Happy sewing! Lisa x

10 thoughts on “My Fabric Stash

  1. Lesley says:

    So neat and tidy and I organise by colour too, though my stash is considerably bigger but that’s because I do clothing rather than bags. Loving the get to know you blog posts.

  2. Naomi Vela says:

    As sad as it may be…..the thing I recognized, well two things, were fabric envy! and the empty spotlight bag!

    My ‘fabric collection’ is WAY too big for your storage solution, but you make it work and I have got lots of my fabric sorted by colour, but broken down more than yours….I have pinks, purples, blues, browns, oranges, greens etc all individually…..lots of unsorted fabrics too…I think I have a problem!

    Hugs and Happy New Year

  3. Ruth Maxgay says:

    I have my fabric stash semi-organized by genre……as in nauticals, dog prints, cat prints, camo, religious, kids, patriotic, sports teams, etc. This seems to work pretty well for me, because I make mainly tote bags and wristlets, card wallets and checkbook covers, and people like them in matching sets. As for storage, well, that’s not ideal, I have some in plastic drawers, some in boxes, stacked on open shelves! LOL!

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