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Customer Creations – March 2019

Customer Creations - March 2019 - Andrie Designs

Once the Classic Market Tote pattern was released, we saw so many being created so we decided to share with you some of those creations! Check out the beautiful totes that were shared in the Andrie Designs Facebook Group and Instagram below! Claudia created this poppy and cork Classic Market Tote with beautiful double sided straps! Our cover […]

Classic Market Tote

Classic Market Tote - Andrie Designs

Hi all and my gosh am I ridiculously excited today!!!! After what feels like a VERY long wait, I am pumped to announce that the Classic Market Tote is finally released and all yours!!! YAY!!! For those who weren’t aware, the Classic Market Tote was originally released in the July 2018 issue of the Australian […]

Andrie Designs in Quilters Companion Magazine

Andrie Designs in Quilters Companion Magazine - Andrie Designs

Hi all! I have a wee bit of an exciting post for you today! You may have noticed the other week or so that I shared a glimpse of a new pattern just released in a popular Australian quilting magazine… If not, please say hello to the Classic Market Tote! The Classic Market Tote is the third […]