Carry All Flexi Clutch Swap 2016

Carry All Flexi Clutch Swap 2016 - Andrie Designs

With the enormous success of Stand Up Swap 2016 earlier this year, Lisa and I had no choice but to organise an even more awesome swap for the second half of the year. Introducing the Carry All Flexi Clutch Swap 2016!!!

What is the Carry All Flexi Clutch Swap 2016?

This is a casual, fun swap hosted by myself (Rachael of Sew Today, Clean Tomorrow) and Mrs two pretty poppetsΒ Andrie Designs herself, the ridiculously talented Lisa.

Each participant will make a two pretty poppets Carry All Flexi Clutch to be swapped with another participant, chosen at random by little ol’ me.

Carry All Flexi Clutch Swap 2016 - two pretty poppets
Photo courtesy of Les envies de Charlotte

When will it run?

The swap will run from August until October 2016 with the key dates as follows:

  • 15th August: Our swaptastic adventure begins
  • 15th October: Clutches finished, with a photo placed in the appropriate Facebook album and participation form filled in. Please note that you are not required to complete the participation form until after your clutch is finished.
  • 19th October: Partners assigned and details emailed to each participant.
  • 27th October: Postage cut-off date.

This swap will run slightly differently to others you may be familiar with (and ever-so-slightly differently to Stand Up Swap 2016). We will not be assigning partners until after the clutches are finished. Instead of stressing over meeting your partners β€˜likes’ perfectly, you simply need to make a clutch that you think is awesome. It also means that nobody misses out as only those participants with a completed clutch will be included in the swap.

Partners will then be randomly assigned. I will be pulling names out of a hat, keeping postage within the same country where possible. Should the need to post internationally arise, I will be asking for volunteers (so please don’t stress about being unfamiliar with the postage requirements of other countries).

Carry All Flexi Clutch Swap 2016 - two pretty poppets
Photo courtesy of Rock Baby Scissors

How does it work?
As always there are a few rules to help make this a fun, fair activity for all concerned:

  • In order for participants to know what to expect from their mystery clutch, you must follow the Carry All Flexi Clutch pattern as it is written. You are welcome to choose from the selection of closures and pockets, but only those included in the pattern. Please do not change the size, shape, or materials required for the clutch.
  • Your completed clutch must be uploaded into the Andrie Designs Patterns Facebook Group folder by October 15, 2016. Only those clutches in the folder will be considered as part of the swap. Don’t worry, we will be reminding you of this on a regular basis ; )
  • You will also be required to complete a participation form, including your name and address, on completion of your clutch. These details will be used for this swap only. They will be given to your swap partner and deleted on completion of the swap. Your details will not be shared with anyone else, or used for any other purpose.
  • Your clutch must be of the high standard you hope to receive in return. This includes using quality fabric, interfacing and hardware. Please be aware, however, that participants will be of different skill levels and you may receive a clutch from someone more, or less, experienced than yourself.
  • You are welcome to share photos of your clutch on social media. Nobody knows where your clutch is going so it will still be a welcome surprise. When sharing, be sure to use the hashtag #carryallflexiclutchswap2016 so we can all follow along.
Carry All Flexi Clutch Swap 2016 - two pretty poppets
Photo courtesy of Bitter Candy Handmade

Who is allowed to participate?

Anybody that can sew a clutch is welcome to join in the fun. This is an international swap open to any skill level. We welcome beginners and experienced alike. If you are unfamiliar with the Carry All Flexi Clutch pattern then you can ask all the questions you need in the Andrie Designs Patterns Facebook Group.

As stated earlier, I will keep postage within your country and will ask for volunteers should international postage be required.

Carry All Flexi Clutch Swap 2016 - two pretty poppets
Photo courtesy of Paisley Avenue

Let the next round of awesomeness begin!!!

Rachael x

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