Frequently Asked Questions from our Facebook Group!

F.A.Q's from our Facebook Group! - Andrie Designs

Hello bag makers! We recently asked in the Andrie Designs Patterns Facebook Group if you had any bag-making questions! Today we are answering some of them! Read on to see which questions we are answering first!

Why do you have a 1/2″ Seam allowance when it gets trimmed anyway?

We get asked this question a lot! We use 1/2” seam allowances because no one is 100% accurate at cutting out pattern pieces, so it allows a little bit of leeway for stitching and then trimming to tidy up afterwards. It is great for beginner bag makers because you have extra room to fix up any inaccuracies or straighten up any wavy sewing lines!

How do I stop my lining from being so saggy and big?

You’ll notice that often our pattern pieces for linings are a little bit smaller to make your lining sit in nicely. Sometimes though, the fabric still doesn’t lay as nice as you would like so we have a tip for you!

If the lining is too baggy, sew it again using a bigger seam allowance. For the side seams, be sure to sew the first 2” using the seam allowance listed in the pattern, then gradually taper out to your larger seam allowance. This will allow your bag to still fit neatly along the top seam. To get a full tutorial for this, check out the Saggy Linings Be Gone post today!

Saggy Linings Be Gone! Tips to help correct a saggy lining in your next bag - Andrie Designs

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How do you keep your thread from nesting when starting to sew?

The best way to start your stitching without nesting the seams is to start with your needle already heading in the down position. This means your thread is already heading in the right direction so it won’t slip away from you. Another rip is to start sewing about 1/4″ into what you are sewing, not at the very edge and backstitch a few stitches before going forward. It allows the feed dogs to pull the fabric and keeps the thread tight underneath! You can also lightly hold onto the thread to stop it from getting away from you!

Tips for preventing nesting threads - Frequently Asked Questions from our Facebook Group - Andrie Designs

Do you start topstitching with a backstitch or just at the end? Does changing to a 0 stitch length for a few stitches work too?

When you are starting your topstitching, begin again with your needle in the down position. When topstitching, you don’t have to lock the thread in place with as many stitches. Just one stitch forward and back at the beginning and end is enough. If you find that backstitching at the beginning of your topstitching is too tough, you can always wait until the end and backstitch a couple of stitches OVER the beginning stitches.

Tips to starting topstitching - Frequently Asked Questions from our Facebook Group - Andrie Designs

We hope these tips help you in your next bag make! Which was the question that helped you most? If you have any more questions, let us know below and we will create even more Frequently Asked Question Posts!


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