Hardware Heaven: From Bag Feet to Bling

Hardware Heaven: From Bag Feet to Bling - Andrie Designs

Today is the last leg of our Hardware Heaven flight and what a journey it’s been.

We began with the bread and butter of the hardware world: Magnetic Snaps. This included a tutorial for installing both a prong back and sew in (invisible) snap.

Hardware Heaven: Magnetic Snaps - two pretty poppets

Next we visited the magnetic snaps older, more sophisticated brother: The Turn Lock. Tastily referred to (by me) as the Toblerone Cheesecake of the hardware world, these little guys are well worth adding to your ‘must have’ list.

We continued on our journey to meet some more common hardware components: O-Rings, D-Rings and Rectangular Rings. Such an easy way to take your bags to the next level.

Hardware Heaven: O-Rings, D-Rings and Rectangular Rings - two pretty poppets

It seemed only natural that our next stop would be with Swivel Hooks and Sliders. This included the extra treat of a tutorial for an adjustable, removable strap.

Hardware Heaven Introduction - two pretty poppets

We then took a left turn at Albuquerque and found ourselves in the glorious land of Rivets.

Hardware Heaven: Rivets - two pretty poppets

Finally we find ourselves here, with Bag Feet and Bling.

Bag feet, in my opinion, are a hugely underutilised hardware component. They’re a wonderful solution for keeping the base of your bag clean and dry. They’re super cute too. Who wouldn’t want tiny tap shoes on their handbag?

Hardware Heaven: From Bag Feet to Bling - two pretty poppets
Photo courtesy of Melisa Jane

For the cherry on top of the bag sundae, you can’t go past bag bling. Smart, classy, and it stops you having to shout “Handmade equals quality” from the mountain tops. I can’t think of a better way to add the finishing touches to your masterpiece than with these little gems.

Where to buy

Some fabulous online suppliers of handbag hardware include:

Betty Box Pleat – Queensland, Australia.

Sew Creative Supplies – Western Australia, Australia.

Voodoo Rabbit Fabric – Queensland, Australia.

Emmaline Bags – Canada.

Bobbin Girl – United Kingdom.

This concludes our Hardware Heaven series. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Perhaps you even learnt a thing or two about handbag hardware.

Tell me, what is your favourite hardware for a bag?

Lisa x

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