Stand Up & Tote Notice – What Goes Where?

Stand Up & Tote Notice - What Goes Where? - Andrie DesignsHello everyone! Today’s post is short and sweet and is for the Stand Up & Tote Notice pattern. If you haven’t grabbed your copy of this extremely popular pattern then you can do so here.

If it’s your first time making this bag then you may find it a bit confusing trying to work out which piece is which… Especially if you’re looking to fussy cut that gorgeous piece of fabric you’ve been hoarding for AGES, waiting for just the right pattern to come along!

So, I felt it high time to post a little diagram I made to show the names of the pattern pieces on an actual Stand Up tote, in the hope it will help those who are new to this pattern figure out just where everything goes…

What goes where - Stand Up & Tote Notice - Andrie DesignsOuter pocket – well, as the name suggests, this is the large open slip pocket on the front AND back of the bag.

Piece A – this is the ‘backing’ of the outer pocket and the funky little triangle peeking out the top of the pocket.

Piece B – this is the smaller top piece on the right.

Piece C – this is the larger top piece on the left, which joins up to the handles.

Hope that helps! As always, please feel free to comment below if you have any questions or comments – I love hearing from you!

Happy sewing, Lisa. πŸ™‚

12 thoughts on “Stand Up & Tote Notice – What Goes Where?

  1. valerie says:

    ok, i don’t know why i cannot figure this out!!!! :OI i have been sewing for yrs! won’t tell you how many but!!!! tailoring, wedding gowns etc………. and this bag eludes me…….. help!!!!! PLEEZ :O(

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Valerie! More than happy to help out – can you please send me an email via the Contact Page outlining what part/s you’re confused about and I’ll do my best to clarify it for you. Cheers, Lisa. πŸ™‚

  2. Dawn Vandemark says:

    I completed this bag with great difficulty when putting everything together. My Babylock was skipping stitches. I believe the foam and material are too thick. I have looked at keeping my pressure foot level. Are there any tips that I am missing? Cutting foam out of seams? Any suggestions would be useful.

  3. Mitzi says:

    I love this bag so I purchased the pattern. After opening the instructions I realize it would be too hard for me to even get started. My question is, “Will you be posting a video for the, ‘Stand Up & Tote Notice pattern?’.”

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Mitzi, thanks for your purchase and lovely comment on our Stand Up Tote pattern. Unfortunately, there are no plans for a video class for this pattern however you are more than welcome to ask questions as you in our patterns group on Facebook which you can find here. Hope that helps and happy sewing!

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