Welcome to Andrie Designs!

Welcome to Andrie Designs! - Andrie Designs

Hi bag makers! Welcome to a new week and something of a different ‘free tutorial’ post! After literally months and months of putting off getting this done, we have finally knuckled down and created a short little welcome video for our YouTube channel! Hooray!!

Throughout the video you will see an assortment of our designs, which you can find the patterns forΒ here.

You will also find out what formats we offer for our patterns, and see exactly how to subscribe to our YouTube channel and turn notifications on (so you never miss new content!).

As with all our tutorials, you can view the video at any time via the Video Tutorials page. Simply click on the image to start the video, and feel free to share across social media as well!

Click here to watch the video!

Welcome to Andrie Designs! - Andrie Designs

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