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Bag Maker Gift Guide - Andrie Designs

With holidays right around the corner, we thought now would be the perfect time to put together a gift guide of what bag makers need for Christmas or any special day really! This list has 10 things you can put together in a nice little gift to get the bag maker in your life sorted for the new year! Check out our bag maker gift guide below!

~If you are wondering where to shop for these things, head to our post Bag Making Hardware and Supplies. It breaks down where to shop by country!~

Pinking Shears

While intended for dressmaking, Pinking Shears are EXCELLENT for bag making too! Instead of clipping all the curves and use a pair of pinking shears to save your hands. These will save any bag maker so much time!

Pinking Shears - Bag Making Tools - Andrie Designs

Rotary Cutter

Rotary cutters come in all shapes, sizes AND colours which means you can customize this gift to the recipient! They save your wrists and body and are much faster in the long run! Add a pack of rotary cutter blades to your gift because they will dull over time. They are much easier to switch a rotary cutter blade out than getting scissors sharpened!

Rotary Cutters - Bag Making Tools - Andrie Designs


When sewing bags, things get thicker and thicker as interfacing and foam are added to your fabrics. To accommodate all these layers, you need the right things to hold it all together and this is where your Wonderclips come in! They open wide to hold many layers and are easy to remove while you sew! If you can, multiple packs will make your bag maker happy because you can never have too many!

Pins and Clips - Andrie Designs

Seam Ripper

The one tool bag makers love to hate. While using them is never fun, you always want to make sure you have a good AND sharp seam ripper! There are so many types out there from the pointed ones in the photo below to actual surgical blade-style ones. Find one suited to the age and ability of your bag-making recipient. We never want to actually use it but you want it to work when it’s needed!

Seam Ripper - Bag Making Tools - Andrie Designs


You don’t have to have to get a super fancy iron but you do want one that will get hot enough. Some interfacing glues are tricky so you want to make sure the iron can get hot enough to fuse the interfacing to fabric! If the bag maker on your list likes to travel to sew dates or classes, a tiny iron like the Oliso Mini-Iron is a perfect option to get!

Iron - Andrie Designs

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Thread Snips

These little blue Karen Kay Buckley snips are excellent pair of scissors that are a little pricier because they have serrated blades they cut fabric like a breeze. They also are extremely pointy so double as thread and fabric scissors! If you want something a little more cost-effective, head to the embroidery section of your local craft/fabric store to find tiny thread snips like the little pink and gold ones below.

Scissors and Snips - Bag Making Tools - Andrie Designs


The best hardware to get your bag maker is some O-Rings, D-Rings and Rectangular Rings. These are some more common hardware components of bag making that are not only practical but add a whole new level of blingliness to your bag. The other must is magnetic snaps. Magnetic snaps are the bread and butter of the bag hardware world. They’re super easy to install and add a certain level of professionalism, not to mention practicality, to bags.

Hardware Heaven: O-Rings, D-Rings and Rectangular Rings - two pretty poppets

Hardware Heaven: Magnetic Snaps - two pretty poppets

Bag Bling

To allow your bag maker to feel a little extra, you’ve got to get some bag bling. Smart, classy, and it stops you from having to shout “Handmade equals quality” from the mountain tops. I can’t think of a better way to add the finishing touches to your masterpiece than with these little gems.

Fat Quarter Bundle

A fat quarter is cut crosswise from a 1⁄2-yard  or half metre piece of fabric then cut in half again. The benefit of getting your bag maker a bundle of these pieces of fabric is the coordination is already done for you! Quite often these are print or colour collections so you can be sure that your bag maker can make a small project with this bundle of goodness!

Fat Quarter Bundle - Bag Maker Gift Guide - Andrie Designs
Photo credit to The Quilters Bolt

Pattern Set

A pattern set is two of our popular patterns bundled together at one great price! This means you can purchase a set to get your bag maker started right away. This is great if you know that your bag maker wants to not only make a tote but a matching wallet too! You can see all of our Pattern Sets in the shop!

Pattern Set - Roll with It Tote and Cleo Everyday Wallet - Bag Maker Gift Guide - Andrie Designs

~If you are wondering where to shop for these things, head to our post Bag Making Hardware and Supplies. It breaks down where to shop by country!~

We hope this list helps you to shop for that bag maker in your life or even yourself! What’s one thing that you always ask for when it comes to bag-making? I always ask for Wonderclips because you can never have too many!

Happy shopping,

<3 Aimee

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