2021 Year in Review

2021 Year in Review - Andrie Designs

Who’s excited that 2021 is over? These last 2 years felt like a lifetime! With everything going on in the world, we thought we would take this chance to review some of the good moments of the past year and recap all of our top and favourite moments! Check out the round-up below and let us know at the end what your favourite Andrie Designs moment was for 2021!

Blog Posts

In 2021 we released 24 blog posts, 25 if you count this one! That’s 2 posts a month! We shared round-ups of our favourite tips and tricks and so many customer creations! Pop on over to the blog in case you happened to miss something!

Andrie Designs Blog - 2021 Year in Review - Andrie Designs

In 2021 we released four tutorials/pattern hacks! Our most used hack in 2019 was the Zippered Top Classic Market Tote from April! We saw so many popping up online this year!

Here is a link to the tutorials and pattern hacks from this year!

Tutorials - Andrie Designs

Pattern Hacks - 2021 Year in Review - Andrie Designs

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We shared so many fun memes and customer photos and even some Instagram Stories on Instagram in 2021. The best part? We grew our Instagram to over 13.1K followers! That means there are over 13 thousand of you that love watching our content and we are so grateful for you!

Andrie Designs Instagram Year of Colour - 2021 Year in Review - Andrie Designs

With all the memes we created for Instagram this year, it’s no surprise that our Year of Colour is filled with our branding colours! It seems as though we have a little theme going!

Andrie Designs Instagram Year of Colour - 2021 Year in Review - Andrie Designs

It’s also no surprise that our top nine posts are mostly memes and quotes as well! You all really like our humour! Which one was your favourite?

Top Nine Instagram Posts - 2021 Year in Review - Andrie Designs

Our most commented-on post was this Wordsearch! If you haven’t checked it out, you must, the comments got pretty funny and we had so much fun reading the first words you saw!

AD Top Commented Post - 2021 Year in Review - Andrie Designs


With many of us spending more and more time online, we saw over 250 of you join our Facebook Group! You all posted over 220 times and share the most beautiful creations, asked the best questions and cheered each other on! We say it often but we absolutely adore the little community that we have built in this group! Make sure to tap the image below to join our group if you haven’t yet, we have the best cheerleaders inside!

Andrie Designs Facebook Group - 2021 Year in Review - Andrie Designs

Make sure you are following @andriedesigns and use our hashtags #andriedesigns and #andriedesignspatterns for all Andrie Designs makes. That way we can see what you’re posting on Instagram and we can share your beautiful creations! Maybe you can be part of next year’s Year of Colour!

2021 was a busy blog year! It’s so hard to choose which is our favourite post! What was your favourite Andrie Design moment? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Thank you for an amazing year and here’s to an incredible 2022!

<3 The Andrie Designs Team!

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