Hardware, Tools and Notions Round-Up

Hardware, Tools and Notions Round-Up - Andrie Designs

Every so often, we get asked in the Andrie Designs Patterns Facebook Group what the best tools or hardware are to have on hand when bag-making. Over the years we have shared many posts about different notions, tools and even our favourite bag hardware but today, we’re putting all of those posts in one place to make them easier to find! Read on to find your next favourite supply!

Bag Hardware

Hardware Heaven is a series on our blog where we discuss and share our favourite hardware for bag-making. What makes these posts even better is we share mini tutorials in each post about how to install each type of hardware! Tap the image to be taken to the post of your choice!

Hardware Heaven: Magnetic Snaps - Andrie Designs

Hardware Heaven: Turn Locks - Andrie Designs

Hardware Heaven: O-Rings, D-Rings and Rectangular Rings - Andrie Designs

Hardware Heaven: Swivel Hooks and Sliders - Andrie Designs

Hardware Heaven: Rivets - Andrie Designs

Hardware Heaven: From Bag Feet to Bling - Andrie Designs

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Notions & Tools

Bag Making Tools is a mini-series discussing the important assortment of tools you need for bag making! If you are just starting out, this assortment of tools will be the perfect place to start your collection and if you are an experienced maker, maybe we’ll have some you’ve never thought of! This series covers our favourite tools and how to use them PLUS why they are important to have on hand! Tap each image to head over to the posts today!

Bag Making Tools Hardware and Notions - Andrie Designs Bag Making Tools - Andrie Designs

Where to Shop

In this post, we’ve organized shopping lists by country, stores both Andrie Designs and our customers recommend as great places to purchase fabric, hardware and notions for sewing bags and other projects. Check out the Bag Making Hardware & Supplies post today!

Bag Making Hardware and Supplies - Andrie Designs


We hope that these posts help you find all that you need for your next bag-making adventure! If you have any more questions about bag hardware, tools or more, leave your questions in the comments below or pop them into the Andrie Designs Patterns Facebook Group!

Happy Sewing!

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