Bag Making Tips and Tricks Round-Up

Bag Making Tips and Tricks Round-Up - Andrie Designs

Hey bag makers! We have a big round-up for you today! Did you know that we have over 360 posts on our blog? That’s an incredible number! With that in mind, it can often be hard to find the tutorial or tip to find when you are sewing up a bag. Today we are rounding up our top tips and tricks for bag making. These will cover everything from working with difficult fabrics to general tips plus 2 bonus tutorials to try! So check it out below so you are prepared for your next sewing adventure!


When it comes to sewing bags, you’ll not be working with many many layers and even some difficult materials. In the posts below, you’ll get tips on not only working with those fabrics but how to pick fabrics for your projects! Tap the image to be taken to the post today!

Sewing Leather and Vinyl on on a Domestic Machine - Andrie Designs

Sewing Difficult and Unique Fabrics - Andrie Designs

Sewing Difficult and Unique Fabrics Part 2 - Andrie Designs

Zipper Pockets on Foam - Tips - Andrie Designs

Picking Fabrics - Andrie Designs

General Bag-Making Tips

In this section, you’re going to find all the tips you need for bag-making. We’ve covered how to hide the bag turning hole, reduce bulky seams and even faster ways to make many items at once. Tap an image below to be taken directly to the post!

Stitching Curves and Odd Shapes- Andrie Designs

Fast Track Bag Making Tips - Andrie Designs

Tips for Better Bag Making - Andrie Designs

Turn Through Seams, Be Gone!- Andrie Designs

Reducing Bulk - Andrie Designs

Saggy Linings Be Gone! Tips to help correct a saggy lining in your next bag - Andrie Designs

CTA - Shop Now Button #1 - Andrie Designs


One of the best parts of bag making is customing your work to truly make it your own! Check out the posts below to see a couple of fun customizations today! Tap the image to get the post!

Shrinking Patterns - Andrie Designs

Customize Your Creations - Andrie Designs

Bonus Tutorials

Lastly, here are two fun tutorials to add to your bag-making! Have a little fun with your zipper tavs plus learn how to make a strap shoulder pad as well! Click the image to be taken to the step-by-step tutorial!

Strap Shoulder Pad Tutorial - Andrie Designs

A New Approach to Zipper Tabs - Andrie Designs

We hope that these posts help you find all that you need for your next bag-making adventure! If you have any more questions about bag-making, leave your questions in the comments below or pop them into the Andrie Designs Patterns Facebook Group!

Happy Sewing!

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