How to Split Your Appliqué – That Flap Saddlebag

How to Split your Applique - Andrie Designs

The latest pattern from Andrie Designs, the That Flap Saddlebag, has been released and with it comes 10 different appliqué motif options! To celebrate the release, I am going to share with you how to hack an appliqué so it’s made in multiple fabrics instead of just one! So read on to see how I created that pink dragonfly!

What you need:

  • Pattern pieces
  • Flap pieces
  • Print 2 of your appliqué choices as we will be cutting one up!
  • Outer Flap Template pattern piece
  • Fabric marking pen that won’t disappear as you iron!
  • Heat & Bond fusible adhesive (or similar)

Applique supplies - Andrie Designs

Take one of your appliqué pattern pieces and cut along the main lines to separate each individual section. I will be using the dragonfly but many of the others will also work! Trace the pieces onto the paper side of your fusible adhesive. Make sure your pattern pieces are right side up when you do this. Cut out these shapes roughly.

Fuse to the WRONG side of your fabrics. Cut out each appliqué fabric piece.

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Using the full pattern piece that you have, line it up where it your Outer Flap Template piece says it should go. To find out where to place the template, press holes into your Outer Flap Template piece and mark those spots with your pen. Using this as a guide, trace around it with the wrong side up using your marking pen. This gives you a guide for placing each piece of fabric.

Fuse your pieces as per the instructions on your adhesive. Start with your outer pieces first and finish with the middle one. For the dragonfly, fuse the wings first then the body. This will give you a cleaner look overall when you are sewing!

Follow Step 6 in “Creating your flap” in the pattern to complete your flap!

Complete your bag!

Finished bag - Andrie Designs

Are you excited to chop up these appliqué motifs and have fun with them? I cannot wait to give the clamshell a try next! When you make your own That Flap Saddlebag, make sure you hop on over to the Andrie Designs Facebook Group and share your creation with us!

Happy sewing!

<3 Aimee

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