Month in Review – April 2020

While April was a quieter month than usual with the worldwide Covid-19 situation, we still managed to share a few goodies throughout the month for you to enjoy! Check out our round-up below to see all that we got up to!

Customer Creations

Last month we had a fun little round-up for you of one of our newest patterns – the Gemma Carryall Pouch! Take a look at the cute little pouches below and be inspired by your fellow bag makers in the April edition of Customer Creations!

Customer Creations - Gemma Carryall Pouch - Andrie Designs

Tips & Tricks

Last month we did something fun for you! Aprils tip for you was how to pick fabrics for your next project. It’s a question that comes up when we launch new patterns and our testers share their creations! So let’s hop right into and get a little art lesson before you pick fabrics for your next sewing project! Head to the Picking Fabrics post to get all the tips!

Picking Fabrics - Andrie Designs

Free Video Tutorial

In April we had a quick little video for you on how we like to stitch curves – both when joining panels together and when topstitching them. The video is full of lots of little tips and tricks which will hopefully help next time you have to tackle stitching a curve! Check out the Stitching Curves free video today to learn more!

Stitching Curves - Andrie Designs

CTA - Shop Now Button #1 - Andrie Designs


Lisa shared some fun behind-the-scenes shots and even a couple of Stories on Instagram in April. Make sure you’re following @andriedesigns so you never miss a post or story!

Make sure to use the hashtags #andriedesigns and #andriedesignspatterns for all Andrie Designs makes. That way we can see what you’re posting on Instagram. Every month we share our favourite makes and we don’t want to miss yours!

Make sure you are following @andriedesigns and be sure to hop over to the Andrie Designs Pattern Group on Facebook to see the recent creations shared in the group!

<3 Aimee

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