Odicoat Glue Gel

Odicoat Glue Gel - Andrie Designs

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Today I have something a little different for you – an independent product review of a relatively new product (or at least new to me) called Odicoat Glue Gel. This is an AH-mazing product that you apply to the right side of almost any fabric to create your very own soft and pliable, waterproof, fabric! EEK!

Think of the possibilities! Instead of having to search high and low for just the right laminated cotton or PUL print for that toiletry bag or raincoat, now you can create your own waterproof version in a matter of steps! It’s super easy to apply, doesn’t wrinkle or delaminate, and in my opinion, is a must in any bag makers arsenal of notions and accessories!

In the video, I’m working with panels from the Hang About Toiletry Bag pattern which you can find here.

Odicoat and all fabrics shown in this video can be purchased from Voodoo Rabbit Fabric here.

In this tutorial I will step you through how to –

  • Apply each coat of Odicoat to your fabric (3 coats in total)
  • Set the Odicoat with your iron once completely dry.

Click here to watch the video!

Odicoat Glue Gel - Andrie Designs

Happy waterproofing! Lisa x

4 thoughts on “Odicoat Glue Gel

  1. claire Piper says:

    I used it with success on my adult son’s Dopp bag, now he wants a bigger one. I had forgotten what I used to lay the fabric on the first time. This time I used a roll of brown paper…big mistake! The OdiCoat glued the fabric to the paper! Totally ruined, I am so bummed. What do you use to keep it from sticking please?

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Claire! I too used brown butchers paper for mine, and just made sure to detach the fabric after I’d covered it in odicoat before it dried (pretty much straight away), to ensure it didn’t stick. I found once it was detached, it was fine then to put it back on the paper to dry completely. Hope that helps!

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