two pretty poppets is now Andrie Designs!

Farewell two pretty poppets - hello Andrie Designs!

After a VERY long time pondering, I have finally taken the leap and decided to re-brand. What?! No way?! I hear you ask. Yes, you heard right. As of today, 31st January 2017, two pretty poppets will be gradually phased out, to be replaced by my new business name and branding that is Andrie Designs (pronounced Anne-Dree).

This is something I have felt the need to do for quite a while now, but hadn’t found the courage to get on and take that leap until late last year. But why??? I hear you ask. Quite simply, the name ‘two pretty poppets’ does not fit what my business has become, nor does it fit where my business is heading.

When I started two pretty poppets, I was primarily making clothes for my two daughters, my two pretty poppets. As many creators do, I kind of stumbled into pattern design, jumped on board the Design Train and have been riding it ever since. That was three years ago! (Crazy how time flies, right?!)

two pretty poppets

2016 was an amazing year for my business, and for myself. A whole heap of ‘soul searching’ took place, including ascertaining exactly where I want my business to head and what I want it to look like (though, how exactly I’m going to get there, well, I’m still trying that figure that one out! LOL!).

After all that soul searching, it was only natural that the next step be re-branding! How exciting! And scary! And daunting! And wondrous! And even a little bit sad in a way too…

I still LOVE the name ‘two pretty poppets’, the colours and that amazing font, and it will always have a special place in my heart (next to my real life two pretty poppets, and my husband, and my immediate family, and my extended family, and my friends, and our dog, and our house, and the cat I left behind in New Zealand who has since passed away, and the teachers and daycare mum’s who are giving my children such a wonderful start to their education, and the lovely lady who served me at Coles this morning…. Wait, no, maybe not her… ANYWAY! MOVING ON!!!).

Introducing Andrie Designs (pronounced Anne-Dree).


Andrie Designs

The story behind this name is, again, quite a personal one. My middle name is Anne. This is a name my parents gave me when I not-so-graciously entered this world, not because it came from anywhere in particular such as some great great someone-or-other, but simply because they liked it. I like it too. So that’s where the ‘An’ part of Andrie comes from.

The ‘drie’ part comes from my Nana, my last surviving grandparent. Her name is Audrey, and while I love that name and could have easily chosen that, I felt the name needed to have a part of me in it too (the ‘An’ part). The change of spelling from ‘drey’ to ‘drie’ is simply because I wanted to put a modern twist on the classic and timeless name.

And so, here I am, typing this to you as the newly launched Andrie Designs. πŸ™‚

Andrie Designs

Despite this change in name and appearance, I will continue to bring you new and wonderfully detailed sewing patterns, for bags of all shapes and sizes, that you have come to know and trust so well. I still firmly believe in providing top quality patterns to suit a range of bag makers and sewers alike, and will continue to work on expanding my range of patterns on offer for many moons to come.

You will still be able to purchase my patterns via my website here, my Etsy shop here and my Craftsy store.

The transition will take a couple of weeks so no need to worry about suddenly not being able to find me online etc. πŸ™‚ It will be a gradual process, with both my selling platforms as well as all my patterns, slowly transforming to reflect the new name and branding.

While you’re waiting, feel free to sign up to my mailing list!Β You can sign up here.

Andrie Designs


To celebrate this exciting new chapter, I’ve decided to have a wee SALE!!! Hooray!!! ALL patterns* are on sale with a glorious 20% off!!! Simply use the code helloandrie at the checkout!

Both PDF patterns AND paper patterns are on sale so now is the time to grab that extra pattern (or two or three!) that you’ve been eyeing up! There are also a few patterns that will be retired following the conclusion of the sale as follows –

  • Essential Diaper Clutch
  • Insulated Lunch Bag + extension pack
  • Reusable Snack Bag + sample pattern
  • Super Drawstring Pouch
  • Drawstring Wet Bag
  • Heavy Hauler Tote Bag



Also! Make sure you grab yourself a copy of my newly released pattern, the Made For Me Sewing Machine Cover! With options to make a standard fit or completely customised cover, along with heaps of added extras, this pattern will quickly become your go-to pattern for covering all those naked machines you have in your sewing room!

To see more gorgeous examples of this pattern, make sure you check out the pattern inspiration blog post here!


Shout out to the amazing Louise from Radge Design for all the work she put into my new logo and branding! I am absolutely in LOVE with it and highly recommend her if you are looking for someone to do some design work for you! You can find her on Facebook here and Instagram here.

With ALL that in mind, I will say farewell from two pretty poppets and until next time from Andrie Designs! Lisa x

* Excludes pattern sets and items already on sale. Discount only available at Sale ends 5pm Sunday 5th February (Australian EST).

12 thoughts on “two pretty poppets is now Andrie Designs!

  1. Maxine E./BlueFigQuilts says:

    What a wonderful way to honor your Grandmother! I wish my grandmothers’ names were different.. One was named Eugenia (which is not that bad) and my other grandmother’s name was Balbina. My mother said I needed to name my kids after them. Yeah, I don’t think so.. Sorry Grandma’s!

    • Lisa says:

      Thank you Maxine! She’s my last remaining grandparent so felt I wanted to do something special. πŸ™‚ Haha isn’t it funny how names, and tastes in names, change over the years! πŸ˜‰

  2. Anita Horak says:

    What wonderful news Lisa!! I also changed my business name end of last year to accommodate growing business from aniho crafts to Rootz!!!! It can be scary but it can only go well!!! Always enjoy your new patterns . Best of luck from a rather cold UK!!!!

  3. Cheryl Scheffel says:

    Lisa, I love your new name. Looking forward to seeing what else you do in 2017 and from here on out. Good luck to a well-deserving woman!

  4. YvonneAnn says:

    What a beautiful story, I’m so blessed to have come across you. Please continue all the great work you do, your truly an inspiration to me.

  5. DebBeee says:

    Hello Lisa, I feel honored to have found your site. You designs are stunning. I enjoyed reading about your history and name change. And here you are coming up on 2 years as Andrie Designs. Awesome. Happy holidays and a delightful new year! Debbie Ballentine

    • Lisa says:

      Hi DebBeee! Welcome and thank you so much! And yes! It’s almost 2 years already since the rebranding and my gosh, time has flown!! Have fun looking around the site – we have lots of great blog posts and of course our patterns and videos as well. Merry Christmas and happy sewing! Lisa πŸ™‚

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