Andrie Designs Month in Review – January 2019

Month in Review January 2019 - Andrie Designs

We don’t have a huge recap for you this month because January was bananas around here at Andrie Designs! We did have a HUGE update so if you missed the news, check out what happened below!

Brand New Website

The biggest and most exciting thing that happened in January was the switch over to a brand new Andrie Designs website! This was a huge undertaking, but we are so in love with it and that makes it well worth it! It is clean, more organized and easier to scroll through. Also, we’re not sure if you noticed but, if you hover over any of the patterns in the shop, it shows you an additional image of the design! Lisa made sure to cover all the little details! Take a peek around the site and blog today and let us know what you think of the changes!

New website for Andrie Designs

New Video

Lisa launched another free video tutorial for you and this time it’s all about easing a gusset in to place! Although it can seem daunting to some, easing a gusset in to place is really quite simple if you know the basic steps to take and you are working with a pattern from a reputable pattern designer. Check out the post today if you have ever struggled with gussets in the past!

Easing a Gusset in to Place - Andrie Designs

Customer Creations

With the site update and changes, we were a little late sharing the Customer Creations for January but you need to see them! There are some incredible totes to be seen and some awesome Instagram accounts linked! Check out the post today in case you missed it!

Customer Creations - End of January

CTA - Shop Now Button #1 - Andrie Designs


Lisa shared some fun behind-the-scenes shots and tips on Instagram in January. Make sure you’re following @andriedesigns so you never miss a post!

Make sure to use the hashtags #andriedesigns and #andriedesignspatterns for all Andrie Designs makes. That way we can see what you’re posting on Instagram. Every month we share our favourite makes and we don’t want to miss yours!

We want to thank you al for your patience while the website was being updated! It was a big task and we couldn’t be prouder of how it turned out! What is your favourite part of the new changes? I LOVE LOVE LOVE how the shop looks now!

<3 Aimee

The Little Bird Designs

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