Creating a Recessed Zipper Panel

Creating a Recessed Zipper Panel - Andrie Designs

Hi everyone! Today we have another free video tutorial for you and this time it’s all about creating a perfectly aligned, smooth and bulk-free, recessed zipper panel! As with a lot of techniques in bag making, there are several different ways to do this, however after some trial and error, we’ve found this the best (and easiest!) way to do it.

Please note: this is the first of two tutorials for recessed zipper panels, stepping you through how to create one. To learn how to install them, click here.

As always, these tutorials are able to be viewed at anytime via the Video Tutorials page, with new tutorials being added on a regular basis.Β Simply click on an image to start the video, and feel free to share across social media as well!

In this video I will step you through how to –

  • Prepare your pieces,
  • Assemble your zipper panel,
  • Topstitch the panels together,
  • Create the zipper tab.

I am working on the Shades of Yesterday Tote Bag pattern which you can find here.

Click here to watch the video!

Creating a Recessed Zipper Panel - Andrie Designs

Happy recessed-zipper-panel-making!

Lisa x

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