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Hey bag makers! Today we wanted to share with you our best-kept “secret” on our website, our Free PDF Tutorials. We have shared about them a few times on Instagram and Facebook so today we are diving into a closer look at them and a couple of ways to keep them close as you sew!

These Free PDF Tutorials were designed to be printed out and kept in your patterns folder, or displayed on the wall of your sewing or craft room, these quick reference sheets will help make the process of creating your next bag just that little bit smoother.

(And if nothing else, they’ll add a little bit of colour to your creative space!)

Below you’ll see the collection of quick reference sheets we have that cove step-by-step instructions on how to create/add/install some of the more common and frequently used elements of bag making. These are free printables, available for immediate download on this page.

One way that you can have these close by is to save them to your tablet or iPad. This allows you quick and easy access to the tutorials whenever you need them without having to print them out!

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An easy way to keep the printed version of these tutorials safe and last is to laminate them! If you layer them front and back, you’ll have two pages saved per laminate. This helps you store them safely but also allows them to stay nice and smooth beside you as you sew. You could even hole-punch them and store them in a binder for repeated use.

Laminate and keep by your sewing machine - Free PDF Tutorials - Andrie Designs

We hope that you find these Free PDF Tutorials useful and find the perfect way to store them. You can find all of these tutorials in the shop under Free PDF Tutorials today!

Happy Sewing!

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