Homemade Gifts Kids Can Sew!

Homemade Gifts Kids Can Sew - Andrie Designs

With the holidays right around the corner, we thought we would round up some fun and easy things to sew! This roundup is a little different than normal because this one is all about things your kids can sew WITH you! These are all fun and easy gifts that beginner sewists will love to make. Take a look below and pick the pattern you think your kiddo will love to make and get those homemade gifts done!

Stand Up Clutch

The Stand Up Clutch is the PERFECT starter project for those preteens/teens in your life that have a little bit of experience sewing! It has all straight lines, uses up tons of scraps and can even be made into a little handbag. It makes a great gift for that teen that wants to make their younger sibling something! Find the Stand Up Clutch pattern in the shop today!

I made Easter-themed Stand Up Clutches for my daughters - Andrie Designs


Scrunchies are all the rage right now and are super simple to make that even the most inexperienced sewist can do it! The best part about this DIY Scrunchie Tutorial is that it comes with a no-sew option too! So round up those scraps and get make scrunchies for everyone your kid knows with long hair!

Scrunchies - Homemade Gifts Kids Can Sew - Andrie Designs
Photo Credit: The Sweeter Side of Mommyhood

Good to Go Messenger Bag

If your kid or teen would like to jump into bag making, the Good-To-Go Messenger Bag is an excellent place to start. It will teach them all about interfacing options, sewing straps and you have many options for closures! It is also great to use a piece of feature fabric for the giftee! You can really have a lot of fun with this pattern!

Vehicles Good-To-Go Messenger Bag - Andrie Designs

Playing Card Holder

Chances are if you have kids, you know playing cards with them is a little too easy because those little hands just can’t handle all those cards! This Playing Card Holder tutorial is the perfect gift for kids to make their friends and siblings. You could customize each piece of fabric to their favourite colour and really have fun with this! Best part? No snaps, just velcro and lots of straight-line sewing. Perfect for your beginner sewist!

Playing Card Holder - Homemade Gifts Kids Can Sew - Andrie Designs
Photo credit: Sew Can She


A personal favourite at our house is Pillowcases! This method for making pillowcases is by far the easiest for anyone to make! You can go crazy with not only the prints you use but the fabrics too! Why not give it a go in something cozy like flannel? One of the best parts of this tutorial is it’s all straight lines and by the time you are done, you’ve only sewn 3 lines and it’s a pillowcase!

Pillowcase - Homemade Gifts Kids Can Sew - Andrie Designs
Photo credit: The Little Bird Designs

Which homemade gift are you going to try something with your kid(s)? I think I see some cardholders in my future for the little ones in my life!

Do you have other gift ideas that kids love to sew? Let us know in the comments below!

Happy sewing!

<3 Aimee

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