Houston Quilt Market Recap – Part 1

Houston Quilt Market Recap Part 1 - Andrie Designs

We are so excited to bring you our incredible recap of the Houston Quilt Market that happened at the beginning of November. We’ve been preparing for this event for months behind the scenes, and are so incredibly proud of how well it all came together! We can’t wait to show you all the sights, bags and wonderful faces we got to see and meet at Quilt Market!

This power duo of Lisa (Andrie Designs) and Jane (Lisa’s right hand gal and bag maker extraordinaire at S’more House) are the team that ran everything for the set up and lead up to Quilt Market! Plus it was the first time ever that they met in person!

Power Duo Lisa and Jane - Andrie Designs

The ladies from The Modern Sewist, Karis and Jenni, came to check out the market and volunteered their time to help with the Andrie Designs booth set up, which was a super huge help!

Modern Sewist Team - Andrie Designs

The booth showcased numerous talented bag makers in almost all Andrie Designs patterns! This awesome wall featured fabric from Sarah Golden’s latest collection “Cats and Dogs” from Andover Fabrics! We all had a blast creating with it and are so thankful we were given it to play and create with!

Cats and Dogs - Andrie Designs
Bags, clutches and wallets all in Sarah Golden’s Cats and Dogs prints

We also had the incredible opportunity to work with Alison Glass fabrics, both of her latest collections, Observatory and Road Trip. They are just stunning and so vibrant!

Alison Glass Fabrics in Clutches - Andrie Designs
A collection of Clutches and Pouches in Alison Glass fabrics

A huge thank you has to go to Jane for being Lisa’s right hand gal during the planning, set up and bag making. Jane kept all of us bag makers organized and made sure we all got all of our fabric and hardware, and the correct quantities, on time. She really was an integral part of this process and we are so thankful for all her help and hard work!

Jane from Smore House - Andrie Designs
Jane from S’more House

The hardware for these beautiful creations were graciously provided by Kylie from Betty Box Pleat and Janelle from Emmaline Bags. We are truly thankful for this because their top quality hardware really made these bags top notch!

Janelle from Emmaline Bags - Andrie Designs
Lisa meeting Janelle from Emmaline Bags for the first time!

One of the exciting points of Quilt Market was getting to meet Alison Glass herself! How cool?! Chris from Unthreaded by Chris and Leslie from Love Rubie created Classic Clutches for her as thank you gifts, and it was so exciting to see her with them! Lisa and Jane also got to meet Daryl from Andover Fabrics who is holding a Classic Clutch that Elizabeth from Bitter Candy Designs created as a thank you for Sarah Golden. A truly exciting moment when most of our booth was Andover!

Alison Glass with the andrie Designs Team

Lisa also got to meet Giuseppe, or @giucy_giuce as he is most known as! Word on the street is they have some potential collaborations in the works! We can’t wait to see what comes from this meeting!

Guicy Guice - Andrie Designs
Lisa with @Giucy_Giuce

This has been such an incredible adventure for Andrie Designs and we are so incredibly thankful to everyone that helped put togther these bags, fabrics and booth. It was an amazing experience and we cannot wait to see where it goes from here!

Our Bag Queen - Andrie Designs
Our Bag Queen extraordinaire and top notch Boss Lady!

Did you get a chance to go to Quilt Market to check out the Andrie Designs booth and others? We would love to hear what you thought!

<3 Lisa, Jane, Aimee and all the incredible bag makers!

P.S. Keep an eye out for part two coming in a few weeks where we share a few more market pics and more! You can find part 2 HERE!

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