Houston Quilt Market Recap – Part 2

Houston Quilt Market - Part 2 - Andrie Designs

Hi everyone! We are back to show you part two of our recap of the Houston Quilt Market! What more could we possibly have? Well, we had a whole fabric line we couldn’t reveal until this month and we are SO happy to be able to share it with you finally! Plus we also want to give a shout out to each and every bag maker who made this adventure possible! So, say hello to “Apple Butter” from Tilda and all our makers below!

If you missed part one, check out the Houston Quilt Market Recap Part 1 post today!

This whole side of our booth was hidden in our last post but look how gorgeous those bags are!

This fabric really pops against our white backdrops. The ladies did an incredible job making these prints shine!

All the Tilda

The little Classic Clutch and Mini Shades Pouch really pop in this Apple Butter line!

This Goin’ Uptown Tote that Rosemarie made is just lovely with the soft yellow down the centre!

Goin Uptown Tote in Tilda Apple Butter

Lisa and Jane look just amazing in front of the collection of Tilda Bags! We were so excited to share this and it was so hard to keep it a secret for so long!

Lisa and Jane showing off our Tilda Bags

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Bag Makers Extraordinaire

Tracy from Tracy Fitzgerald Designs & Creations created this gorgeous set out of Tilda Apple Butter. The pop of pink looks perfect with the gold and green!

Tracy's Set
Stand Up and Tote Notice, Classic Clutch and Statement Clutch

Tara Sinclair from Uh Oh Creations did and amazing job mixing cork with Sarah Golden’s Cats and Dogs prints.

Tara's Set
Back: Stand Up and Tote Notice, S&S Tote, Classic Carry-All Bag Front: Statement Clutch, Mini Shades pouch

Rosemarie from Rosie Blooms was another maker that knocked it out of the park with Apple Butter. Her piping is the perfect touch!

Rosemarie's Set
Back: Classic Carry-All Bag Front: Goin’ Uptown Tote, Classic Carry-All, Roll With It Tote

Marilyn’s Mini Shades Pouch is just one of a few beautiful creations she made for the booth. Her use of Tilda Apple Butter coordinates with the solid red is perfection!

Marilyn's Mini Shades Pouch
Mini Shades Pouch

Elizabeth Gilmartim from Bittercandy Design went above and beyond with her Bree’s Box Toiletry Caddy. The woven top using the Cats and Dogs coordinates is amazing! Check out her https://www.instagram.com/bittercandydesign/ for even more photos!

Liz's Bree's Box Toiletry Bag
Bree’s Box Toiletry Caddy

Leslie Waters from Love Rubie did some pretty amazing stitching on her bags and those tiny little triangles are pretty awesome! Bags made using Alison Glass Road Trip and Observatory.

Leslie's Set
Back: Stand Up and Tote Notice Front: S&S Tote, Classic Clutch, Classic Carry All Bag

Jane from S’more House wasn’t just Lisa’s right hand gal but she also made a collection of bags using Cats and Dogs too! The simplicity of the cats next to the crosshatch print just make those cats pop!

Jane's Set
Top: Roll With It Tote Bottom: Hang About Toiletry Bag

Elizabeth Widmayer from QuiltAngel Creations took this Alison Glass Road Trip fabric to a whole new level! She paired each of these prints perfectly to let every one of them shine!

Elizabeth's Set
Back: Shades of Yesterday Tote Bag, Goin’ Uptown Tote Middle: Mini Shades Pouch, Carry All Flexi Clutch Front: Statement Clutch

Look, it’s me, The Little Bird Designs! These are the bags I created for the booth using both Sarah Golden Cats and Dogs and Alison Glass Observatory . Naturally I chose pinks for my feature fabrics and it just makes me love them even more!

Aimee's Set
Top: Statement Clutch Back: Roll With It Tote, Shades of Yesterday Tote Front: Classic Clutch, Cleo Everyday Wallet

Milagros Irizarry created this Goin’ Uptown Tote Bag using Cats and Dogs fabric. I just love that little cat face popping above the zipper pocket!

Milagros Goin Uptown Tote
Goin’ Uptown Tote

Melisa Jane from Melisa Jane Handmade created this Bree’s Box Toiletry Caddy (and others) from Tilda Apple Butter. The combo of those straps and the white mesh really make this a delicate case!

Melisa's Bree's Box Toiletry Bag
Bree’s Box Toiletry Caddy

Chris Leach from Unthreaded by Chris made this set using Alison Glass Road Trip.She did such an amazing job making her feature fabrics stand out!

Chris's Set
Top: Classic Clutch Middle: Hang About Toiletry Bag, Mini Shades Pouch Bottom: Statement Clutch

Cheryl from Simply Cherabea created some wonderful bags out of Alison Glass Observatory. The colour blocking of prints looks amazing on each bag!

Cheryl's Set
Stand Up and Tote Notice and Polly Crossbody Pouch

Sheila Hlushak really made the Road Trip fabric shine on her stunning set!

Sheila's Stand up and Tote Notice bag and Cleo
Stand Up and Tote Notice and Cleo Everyday Wallet

Alana from Alana Jane Designs paired the perfect amount of black with pink Cats and Dogs prints on her Classic Clutch.

Alana's Set
S&S Tote, Roll With It Tote, Classic Clutch

Virginia did some amazing quilting and applique on her Made for Me Sewing Machine Cover using Cats and Dogs!

Virginia's Set
Made for Me Sewing Machine Cover and Carry All Flexi Clutch

Thank you again to our incredible group of makers for helping this booth come together! Do you have a favourite bag or fabric from our booth? I have a soft spot for all that pink! Hop over to the Andrie Designs Facebook group to see close ups and more that our makers shared of their bags!

The Little Bird Designs

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