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Stand Up Tote Tips and Tricks - Andrie Designs

The Stand Up & Tote Notice tote bag pattern is one of our most popular designs so we thought we would round up all our favourite tutorials, tips and hacks in one place for you! You all loved the Layla Tips & Tricks Round-Up so we are sure you will love this one too!l

Not familiar with the Stand Up & Tote Notice pattern? Not to worry! You can find it here!

Pattern Hacks

The first pattern hack for you is something that gets asked about frequently… Adding a zipper closure to the Stand Up & Tote Notice pattern! Head to The Stand Up Tote Gets Zipped to get all the steps!

Stand Up Tote Gets Zippered - Andrie Designs

The next hack we have is this funky little closure tab! It’s a great substitute for the magnetic snaps attached to the lining, as detailed in the pattern. Follow the tutorial for adding a Closure Tab to add yet another level of unique awesomeness to your next Stand Up & Tote Notice bag!

Stand Up & Tote Notice Hack - Closure Tab - Andrie Designs

The next hack we have is the hack we all need in every bag- Adding a Key Hook! Never lose your keys in your tote again!

Stand Up & Tote Notice Hack - Adding a key hook - Andrie Designs

With two outer and four inner pockets, you would think we had more than enough storage space in the Stand Up & Tote Notice bag…but you’d be wrong. This pattern hack adds another level of pocket awesomeness with an inner zipper pocket. Get the steps for Adding an Inner Zipper Pocket in this hack!

Stand Up & Tote Notice Hack - Adding inner zipper pocket - Andrie Designs

Video Tutorials

The first video tutorial is perfect to watch for the final topstitching of your tote! This is a quick little video for you on how we like to stitch curves – both when joining panels together and when topstitching them. The video is full of lots of little tips and tricks which will hopefully help next time you have to tackle stitching a curve!

Stitching Curves - Andrie Designs

This quick video shows you how to install an invisible magnetic snap. While the end result is very similar to that of a regular magnetic snap, the process of installing an invisible magnetic snap is quite different (yet just as easy, we promise!).

Installing an Invisible Magnetic Snap - Andrie Designs

This is a quick little tutorial for you on how we like to install magnetic snaps! Some people will say magnetic snaps are the backbone of handbag hardware, and once you’ve installed a few, you’ll find they’re super quick and easy to install and give a great finish to any bag as well!

Installing a Magnetic Snap - Andrie Designs

This next video walks you through how to cut your handle or strap pieces out of directional fabric and how to join the pieces together to create one entire handle or strap. Check out the Creating a Handle or Strap with Directional Fabric video tutorial today!

Creating a Handle or Strap Using Directional Fabric - Andrie Designs

Here’s a quick tutorial together to show you how to baste fabric panels to sew in foam. Specifically, the video will step you through how to prepare your fabric and sew in foam, baste the fabric panel to the foam and trim the edges afterwards in preparation for assembly further through the pattern.

Basting Fabric to Foam - Andrie Designs

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Tips & Tricks

Even if you’re lucky enough to sew through all of the layers, how do you stop those unsightly visible stitches from sneaking through to the right side, peering at you in silent judgement? Sewing through many layers is difficult at the best of times, but with bags, it’s even worse. It’s not just layered, it’s bulk. Check out the tips in Reducing Bulk to help you with your next tote!

Reducing Bulk - Andrie Designs

If it’s your first time making this bag then you may find it a bit confusing trying to work out which piece is which… Especially if you’re looking to fussy cut that gorgeous piece of fabric you’ve been hoarding for AGES, waiting for just the right pattern to come along! Check out the What Goes Where? post to see an easy to understand diagram before you tackle this project for your first time!

Stand Up & Tote Notice - What Goes Where? - Andrie Designs

We hope these hacks, tips and tricks help you while you sew your next Stand Up & Tote Notice! Which was your favourite hack or tip? Let us know below!

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