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Month in Review – February 2020

Month in Review - February 2020 - Andrie Designs

February was a busy and exciting month around here at Andrie Designs! Check out our round-up below to see all that we got up to! Pattern Launch Last month we launched the Layla Essentials Purse – our β€˜Miss February’ for the Rising Stars season for the Bag of the Month Club!! We were SO excited […]

Reducing Bulk – Tips to Help Combat Bulky Seams in Your Next Bag

Reducing Bulk - Andrie Designs

Bulky seams. The bugbear of bag makers everywhere. Even if you’re lucky enough to sew through all of the layers, how do you stop those unsightly visible stitches from sneaking through to the right side, peering at you in silent judgement? Sewing through many layers is difficult at the best of times, but with bags […]