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My Lining Pieces are Smaller?

My Lining Pieces are Smaller - Andrie Designs

Hey bag maker! Something we get asked a lot is “why are my lining pieces smaller than the exterior?” and today we are answering that! Here are our tips to make sure your projects come together beautifully plus why those pieces are smaller! Bag Linings Something you’ll notice when sewing up an Andrie Designs bag, […]

Customer Creations – February 2022

Customer Creations - February 2022 - Andrie Designs.jpg

Hey bag makers! Welcome to another edition of Customer Creations! This month we are rounding up some creations from Februar! We’ve got some messenger bags, wallets and so many backpacks for you to see. Read on to see what your fellow bag makers have been up to! First up we have this incredibly pieced Layla […]

Layla Trifold Hack

Layla Trifold Hack - Andrie Designs

Hi bag makers! Can you believe it? We have another pattern hack for the Layla Essentials Purse! This one has been on my mind since the pattern was released! Not only am I showing you a new spot to place some card slots but I am also sharing another way to turn Layla! Make sure […]

Make it Custom for Christmas!

Make it Custom for Christmas - Andrie Designs

Hey bag makers! With just 2 weeks left until Christmas, we thought we would do a fun pattern round-up for you! This year we are rounding up the best patterns to customize for your loved ones! Read on below to get the inspiration for your next custom bag make! Polly Crossbody Pouch The size of […]

Month in Review – June 2020

Month in Review - June 2020 - Andrie Designs

Welcome to another edition of Month in Review! This month we are rounding up a month that was all about the Layla Essentials Purse! Check out the posts below in case you missed anything! Pattern Launch Our ‘Miss February’ for the Rising Stars season for the Bag of the Month Club was officially launched to the […]

Customer Creations – Layla Essentials Purse

Customer Creations - Andrie Designs

Hello bag makers! With the public launch of the Layla Essentials Purse, we thought we would do another round up of purses to get you inspired! Layla was originally launched back in February for the Bag of the Month Club, but now that it’s available to all, so many gorgeous ones have been made! Read […]

Layla Hacks, Tips & Tricks!

Layla Hacks, Tips & Tricks - Andrie Designs

The Layla Essentials Purse launched earlier this month for the public and we already have SO many ideas for pattern hacks! In this post today we are rounding up the pattern hacks, tips and tricks that we have so far! Not familiar with the Layla Essentials Purse pattern? Not to worry! You can find it here. Plus! There’s also […]