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Creating a Double Sided Wrist Strap

Creating a Double Sided Wrist Strap - Andrie Designs

So since I have been playing with cork more and more because Lisa got me hooked, we thought we would share with you a new tutorial! Similar to the Double Sided Strap Tutorial, I am going to walk you through how to make a double sided wrist strap! My example today is made for my […]

Creating a Double Sided Strap

Creating a Double Sided Strap - Andrie Designs

Hi there! Soooo….. Since I posted my double sided strap a couple of weeks ago, I’ve had numerous people ask me how I made it and if I’d be willing to put together a tutorial so they can have a go themselves. Naturally I said yes and, well, here it is! In a nutshell, I […]

Hardware Heaven: Rivets

Hardware Heaven: Rivets - Andrie Designs

I’m not sure if it’s the shininess, the ‘bought from a store’ feel, or the fact that you get funky little tools to play with, but there’s something about rivets that always make me feel like a professional. It’s a bit like drinking wine from a crystal glass instead of a coffee mug. It tastes […]