Adventure Time Backpack Class Recap

Adventure Time Backpack Class Recap - Andrie Designs

This past weekend was a 3 day intensive class on the Adventure Time Backpack. This busy workshop was held at Voodoo Rabbit FabricΒ in Brisbane, Australia, and boy did the ladies have a blast! This class not only taught them how to create an incredible backpack, but taught them amazing skills to use in future projects as well! Let’s take a look at their fantastic makes and see just what they learned!

*Not familiar with the Adventure Time Backpack? Find it HERE!*

This super colourful backpack was made by Lesley. Her colour choices are incredible and it all looks so fun together! You’ll never have to worry about it getting lost!

Adventure Time Backpack Class - Lesley's backpack

Adventure Time Backpack Class - back of Lesley's Backpack

Megan from Ink Soul Creations made this Alexander Henry-themed backpack. That red piping really makes the roses and corset pop off the fabric!

Adventure Time Backpack Class - Megan's Tatoo Girls

Adventure Time Backpack Class - back of Megans bag

Megan also included a Custom Andrie Adornment from Voodoo Rabbit Fabric. The logo goes with this bag perfectly!

Adventure Time Backpack Class - custom Andrie Adornment

One of the greatest things you’ll learn while creating this backpack is how to insert piping. For a few of these ladies, it was their very first time! To get beautiful piping just like on these bags, check out the PDFΒ Piping Tutorial for tips and also the YouTube videos as well.

This Dr. Who themed bag was created by Tam. She did an incredible job matching up all the blues on this bag and I love her use of the silver zippers!

Adventure Time Backpack Class - Tam's Backpack

Adventure Time Backpack Class - back of Tam's backpack

This project is also great for learning how to insert zippers! You can check out the PDFΒ Tutorials page for tips plus see “The Dreaded Step 14” for that step that can be a little challenging!

Kathleen made this beautiful soft cream and red backpack. These fabrics really make it look classy!

Adventure Time Backpack Class - Kathleen's Backpack

Adventure Time Backpack Class - back of Kathleen's backpack

This dark and camo themed backpack was created by Robyn of Kicky Threads. Her little one was beyond excited to receive this guy!

Adventure Time Backpack Class - Robyn's Backpack

Adventure Time Backpack Class - back of Robyn's Backpack

Jacqui created this bright blue and green backpack. For her exterior fabrics, she coated them in Odicoat to give it a waterproof finish. It will certainly stand the test of time! If you want to have a go at Odicoat Glue Gel, have a look atΒ my review on YouTube to see how it works!

Adventure Time Backpack Class - Jacqui's Odicoat backpack

Adventure Time Backpack Class - back of Jacqui's backpack

I am SO proud of these fabulous creations! I had an absolute blast seeing them all come together over the weekend and really enjoyed getting to meet the ladies and share more than a few giggles together as well. It’s truly inspiring to see projects like this come together so perfectly!

Have you ever wished I could come and teach a class at a shop near you? Ask your favourite quilt shop to get in touch via the Contact Page and maybe one day we can make that wish come true!

These backpacks are just amazing and I know they will be well loved! Have you made an Adventure Time Backpack yet? Feel free to let us know in the comments!

Happy sewing! Lisa x

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  1. Gwen Stackler says:

    They’re all beautiful, I could see making multiples in the various fabrics to fit different outfits!

    Do you know the actual line from Alexander-Henry that Megan used? I’m in love with it and searching like the dickens using various terms. You’re right, the red piping really pops and was worth the work!

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