My Lining Pieces are Smaller?

My Lining Pieces are Smaller - Andrie Designs

Hey bag maker! Something we get asked a lot is “why are my lining pieces smaller than the exterior?” and today we are answering that! Here are our tips to make sure your projects come together beautifully plus why those pieces are smaller!

Bag Linings

Something you’ll notice when sewing up an Andrie Designs bag, tote or clutch, is that the pattern piece for the lining is tapered slightly towards the bottom. This is on purpose and the BIGGEST reason is to prevent saggy or bunched-up lining. Nothing is worse than finishing a bag and noticing that the lining looks something like this:

Check for fit - Saggy Linings Be Gone! - Andrie Designs

Having the lining tapered helps everything lay smooth and flat inside! When you are cutting out your pieces, make sure you pay attention to which pattern pieces are exterior versus lining. The smaller pieces won’t fit quite the same with the outside!

Test the lining - Saggy Linings Be Gone! - Andrie Designs

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Have you sewn the Layla Essentials Purse and noticed the flap lining is smaller or how about the Cleo Everyday Wallet? We promise this is on purpose!

Having the lining smaller on these particular patterns pulls the lining in from the edges ever so slightly so you get a beautiful and smooth seam all the way around. It also adds a little curve to the flap or body so that it folds nicely without bunching.

Here are a few tips to make these smaller linings fit:

  • Draw your seam allowance on your lining before pinning it in place. This ensures the seam allowance is accurate
  • Line up the middle points FIRST then EASE the curves into place. The curves will stretch and go into place.
  • Sew slowly and steadily around so that your seam allowance is accurate.

Smaller lining lined up with outer edge - My Lining Pieces are Smaller - Andrie Designs

We hope these tips and tricks help you while you sew your next Andrie Designs pattern! If you have anymore lining questions, let us know below!


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