Ask Andrie Live Chat – 30 January 2018

Ask Andrie Live Chat - Andrie Designs

Hi everyone! Welcome to another week and another Ask Andrie live chat! As always, these chats aim to be engaging, educational, and at times, without a doubt, entertaining as well!

Today I showed you the inside of the Summertime Sling pattern including the inner zipper and slip pockets. You can find the Summertime Sling pattern here.

We talked about fusible vs. sew-in foam and which I prefer, and how fleece or foam affects the structure of a bag.

We then talked about the struggles of sourcing good quality hardware and interfacing online, especially for those who live in areas where, unfortunately, their local quilt shop doesn’t stock what they need. I touched on how to find good suppliers, many of which are listed on the Bag Making Supplies blog post on my website which you can find here.

We briefly talked about hardware storage, and then may have gotten a little carried away talking about hardware… and fabric… and hardware… Well, you get the idea!

The weekly Ask Andrie live chats are held in my patterns group on Facebook which you can find here and in the pinned post of the group, you will find a countdown timer counting down to the next live chat.

Live chats are a chance for bag makers and sewing enthusiasts alike to ‘meet’ me and ask me any and all of those burning questions you have so get those questions ready and I’ll hopefully see you then!

Lisa x

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