Creating an Adjustable Strap

As much as a simple shoulder strap is, well, simple, we also know that many of you prefer a longer, adjustable strap for your bags so you can wear them cross body. With that in mind, we’ve put together a quick and easy post that’s directly linked to the recently released That Flap Saddlebag pattern (though can be adapted for many other patterns as well of course!). Enjoy!

What you need:

  • Fabric for strap (cut width as per pattern for handle/strap. General recommended length is 60″ (152cm) long)
  • 2 rectangle rings as called for in your pattern (width of final strap)
  • 1 strap slider (width of final strap)
  • Interfacing (cut as per pattern and length desired)

Strap Supplies - Andrie Designs

Take your strap and fold it in half with wrong sides together, matching long sides. Press. Open it out and fold each side into the middle. Press. Unfold strap completely, fold short ends in 1/4″ (0.6cm) and press. Re-fold strap and press well.

Top stitch around all four sides using a 1/8” (0.3cm) seam allowance. (I chose to do a third row of stitching down the middle to let the yellow shine!)

Strap top stitched - Andrie Designs

Fold each end under 1” (2.5cm) to the ‘wrong side’ of the strap and press well.

Strap end added to tab - Andrie Designs

Feed one end up through one side of the slider, over the centre bar, and back down the other side, slotting the centre bar into the fold. Pin in place and stitch 2 – 3 times to secure along the 1/8” (0.3cm) row of topstitching you made earlier. Set aside for now. Complete your bag as per pattern chosen.

Take the shoulder strap and feed the end that doesn’t have the slider attached down through one of the rectangular rings on the gusset, ensuring the ‘wrong side’ of the strap is facing away from the gusset/bag.

Strap slid onto tab - Andrie Designs

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Feed this same end up through the slider, over the centre bar and back down, so the end attached to the slider is sandwiched between the strap.

Feed the end of the strap through the rectangular ring at the other end of the gusset, ensuring the strap is not twisted. Slot the rectangular ring into the fold and stitch 2 – 3 times to secure along the 1/8” (0.3cm) row of topstitching you made earlier and as close to the rectangular ring as possible (two rows of stitching).

Step back and enjoy your new bag with an adjustable strap!

Finished strap - Andrie Designs

finished flap - Andrie Designs

We hope you found this little tutorial helpful! When you make your next bag with an adjustable strap, make sure to pop over to the Andrie Designs Patterns Facebook Group and share it with us there!

Happy Sewing!

<3 Aimee

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