Customer Creations – April 2018

Customer Creations - April - Andrie Designs

It’s time for another edition of Customer Creations! Browsing through Instagram and the Andrie Designs Facebook Group for your recent makes, we chose our favourites to share. Take a look below to see what everyone has been working on lately!

How awesome does the combo of cork and glitter look on this Stand Up and Tote Notice Robyn of Kicky Threads made? It looks so classy!

Customer Creations April- Andrie Designs - Robyn - Stand Up and Tote Notice
Photo courtesy Robyn

This sweet little Polly Cross Body Pouch by Patricia was printed at 93% to give it that petite size!

Customer Creations April- Andrie Designs - Patricia - Polly Crossbody Bag printed at 93%
Photo courtesy Patricia

This classy Gather Me Up Clutch by Lawanda was made using the hem from a dress. It is the perfect addition for a fun night out!

Customer Creations April- Andrie Designs - Lawanda - Gather Me Up Clutch
Photo courtesy Lawanda

This beautiful clutch by De is personal fave! I love how sunny and bright her Classic Clutch is!

Customer Creations April- Andrie Designs - De - Classic Clutch
Photo courtesy De

Our beautiful cover pouch by Veronica shows you just how classy a Polly Cross Body Pouch can be for a simple design!

Customer Creations April- Andrie Designs - Veronica - Polly Crossbody Pouch
Photo courtesy Veronica

This Shades of Yesterday Tote Bag by Jacqui is a stunner! The fabrics suit this pattern so beautifully and we love the addition of her Andrie Adornment!

Customer Creations April- Andrie Designs - Jacqui - Shades of Yesterday Tote Bag
Photo courtesy Jacqui

This Stand Up and Tote Notice by Mary looks beautiful with the faux leather.

Customer Creations April- Andrie Designs - Mary - Stand Up and Tote Notice
Photo Courtesy Mary

From Instagram

I took a peek through the #andriedesigns and #andriedesignspatterns hashtags on Instagram, I picked out some beautiful makes for you to see!

This month seemed to be the month for Classic Clutches and Polly Cross Body Pouches! Don’t you just love how each time they are made, they always look so different?

Be sure to tag  @andriedesigns #andriedesigns or #andriedesignspatterns on Instagram so we can see your recent creations and don’t forget to share in the Andrie Designs Facebook Group too. It’s the perfect place to share, ask questions and catch all of Lisa’s updates!

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