Customer Creations – March 2018

Customer Creations - March 2018

Did you know that March 16th marked the 2nd Birthday for the Stand Up Clutch? I happen to be slightly obsessed with this pattern so it’s no surprise that I would remember this! I decided we should celebrate so off to the Andrie Designs Facebook Group I went to ask to see your gorgeous makes. Let’s check out the Stand Up Clutches for March’s edition of Customer Creations!

Happy Birthday Stand Up Clutch!

As a crazy cat lady myself, I fell in love when Lawanda shared the very first Stand Up Clutch she made! How cute are those cats?

Lawanda's first Stand Up Clutch - Customer Creations - March 2018
Photo Courtesy Lawanda

I just love this sweet little set Beth made for her 6 year old daughter! Perfect for all those very important things 😉

Beth's Grumpy Cat Set - Customer Creations - March 2018
Photo Courtesy Beth

This sweet clutch was made by Joelene, a fellow Stand Up Clutch and Tote enthusiast. It was her first one and my guess, the beginning of a beautiful obsession!

Joelenes First Stand Up Clutch - Customer Creations - March 2018
Photo Courtesy Joelene

Our cover set is by the incredibly talented Janice. This set looks stunning in gold and vinyl to give it such a classy look!

Janice's Vinyl set - Customer Creations - March 2018
Photo Courtesy Janice

Now lets take a trip down memory lane and revisit some of the very first Stand Up Clutches ever made! These beauties are just a few of the clutches made during the testing period two years ago. If you want to revisit the rest, head on over to the Stand Up Clutch Pattern Inspiration post today!

Love this Ghastlies-themed Stand Up Clutch - Andrie Designs
Photo Courtesy Les envies de Charlotte
Stand Up & Tote Notice tote bag and a Stand Up Clutch - Andrie Designs
Photo Courtesy S’more HouseStand Up & Tote Notice and Stand Up Clutch Set
Hello Kitty! Stand Up Clutch - Andrie Designs
Photo Courtesy JC’Mila Designs

From Instagram

After scrolling through the #andriedesigns and #andriedesignspatterns and #standupclutch hashtags on Instagram, I picked out a couple creations for you to see!

If you aren’t familiar with the Stand Up Clutch, find the pattern in the shop on its own OR as a bundle with the Stand Up & Tote Notice. They are perfect little clutches to make for little ones AND are excellent scrap busters. You could even give the Zipper Top Hack a go too!

These Clutches are just awesome! Which is your favourite? I can’t believe it’s been two years since the pattern was released!

Be sure to tag @andriedesigns #andriedesigns or #andriedesignspatterns on Instagram so we can see your recent creations and don’t forget to share them in the Andrie Designs Facebook Group too. It’s the best place to ask questions, get first-hand advice and sewing inspiration!

Happy Sewing

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