Instagram Tips for Bag Makers

Instagram Tips for Bag Makers - Andrie Designs

Hello bag makers! We have all-new tips and tricks post for you that will benefit you if you are in the market for selling your handmade creations! Today we are sharing our top tips for sharing on Instagram, especially for you bag makers! So let’s dive right in!

Your Profile

The number one thing that we want you to know about setting up your Instagram as someone who is selling, is to have your name AND location somewhere on your profile. This allows your customers to know who they are speaking to when they message you and gives it a more personal touch! Having your location prominent allows you to find customers that are local to you. This saves them money on shipping and gives you free advertising from word-of-mouth sales! It’s a win-win all around!

Bonus tip: Have a “call-to-action” above your Etsy or website link. This is basically a line that explicitly tells them what to do! Examples: Shop Now or Get Handmade Bags HERE.

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Your Photos

Your photos are the first thing people are going to see when they find you on Instagram so it is very important to have them represent your items accurately! Our first photo tip is to use soft natural light. This prevents colour distortion and over-exposure.

Our next tip is to avoid filters. This almost always alters the colours of your products. We don’t want people upset when they buy our goods so try your best to get the colours as accurate as possible!

Lastly, let’s talk about collages. While collages are an easy way to show off many attributes of a bag at once, it’s more beneficial to post a carousel (multi-picture) post instead! There are 2 reasons for this. The first is it allows a clearer image of each part of the bag to be seen without zooming in. You can see even just from the examples below that the collage image is distorted even though it’s all the same images!

The other reason carousels are better is they show up repeatedly when your customers log into Instagram throughout the day. The first time they see the post it will be the first image but later they may see a different image in the set. This means more eyes are on your work and in the end more bag sales!

Bonus: If you want even more advice for pictures, head on over to our post Bag Photography Tips!

Collage layout - Instagram Tips for Bag Makers - Andrie Designs
You can see in this collage that the images are slightly blurry

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Your Captions

It’s really tempting to just post a picture and call it a day but to get even more traction and interaction on your posts, it’s important to write something! You don’t have to describe the photo but you could write a couple of lines about the project, who it’s for or why you made it. Even if you just have to love (or dislike) the fabric, people love to be nosy! Make sure to tag the fabric or pattern designer in your post to get even more eyes on your project! If you tag directly on the photo, you’ll show up on the designer’s Instagram profile under “tagged photos” too!

Always end your caption with a leading question like “what do you think” or something applicable to your post. Most importantly, make sure at the end of your post that it tells your customers where to shop. That can be as simple as “link in bio to shop now”. Some people need to be told exactly what to do!

In your caption (or first comment), you will want to use hashtags that are relevant to your post. Use ones that have been used between 2,000 and 50,000 times. You can find this if you search on Instagram and look at the number beside it. The higher the number, the larger the competition. The lower the number, the fewer people are searching for it! Be as specific and niche as possible so your customers can find you! Hashtags are excellent to experiment with so change them up regularly so you can see what works the best.

Bonus tip #1: If your account is set to private, your photos and account will NOT come up in search when people are looking through hashtags.

Bonus tip #2: Use location-specific hashtags so that your local customers can easily find you!

Instagram Caption - Instagram Tips for Bag Makers - Andrie Designs

Well, that is loads of information, what did you think? Which tip stood out for you as the most helpful? I am constantly playing with my hashtags to see what works the best. Some are great and some are duds!

If you have any more Instagram questions, feel free to leave them in the comments and we will do our best to answer them for you!

Happy posting!

<3Β Aimee

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