FAQ Post #2 – My 2″ test square is out! How do I correct it?

Frequently Asked Questions Post #2 - Andrie Designs

Our number one question when printing PDF patterns it “How do I get my 2″ test square the right size?” Well, today we are here to help you out!

Step 1: First, ensure you have opened the file in your PDF reader program on your desktop computer. We recommend Adobe Reader or Foxit, as that will ensure the best results!

Step 2: Navigate to the pieced pattern pages at the end of the instructions file. These pages (at the end of the file) are for printing on your home printer at ‘Actual size’/’100%’ on A4 or letter-sized paper.

Make sure you select 'Actual size' or Scale 100% - Andrie Designs

Please note: for many designs, there is also a separate pattern pieces file for printing at your local print shop on the correct sized paper (such as A3, A2 or A1).

The file name of the large print pattern pieces file will be something like: Andrie Designs – (NAME OF PATTERN) – LARGE Print Pattern Pieces

Step 3: For the pieced pattern pages, print the FIRST PAGE ONLY (the one with the test square) to check the size of the test square. It is imperative that this square measures exactly 2″. If it is off, your pattern pieces will not line up correctly and the item will come out an incorrect size!

Always check the test square! - Andrie Designs

If for some reason, it does not measure 2″, you will need to adjust your print settings by enlarging or reducing the custom scale slightly (i.e. above or below 100%) until the test square measures correctly. We also recommend trying a different PDF reader (i.e. Foxit) as well in case the one you are using is the problem!

Increase - Decrease size printing- Andrie Designs

Begin by increasing (or decreasing) the custom scale by only a few percentage points at a time, as often that’s all that is required. Perhaps try printing the test square page at 103% or 105% and adjust as needed, until that 2″ test square is spot on.

Step 4: Once the test square is measuring correctly, you will be ready to print the rest of the pieced pattern pages (using the same settings as for your test square page) and trim and assemble as per usual.

Hope this helps and if you have any questions, feel free to comment below and we’ll do our best to answer them!

Happy Sewing!

Lisa x

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