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Pattern Inspiration for the V Pouch - Andrie Designs

Hi bag makers! Welcome to a very exciting pattern release for our latest design, the V Pouch!! While most of this year has been focused on bringing you more comprehensive video classes, we have also been working on a few new designs behind the scenes as well (we can’t help ourselves!), and are beyond excited to finally have one perfected and ready for you to enjoy! So, without further ado, please say hi to the V Pouch!

V Pouch - Andrie Designs

The design for the V Pouch arose after I decided I wanted to create a cute little pouch that had a wide base, a petite top and opening, and some sort of ‘dart’ feature on the ends of the gusset. After MUCH trial and error, experimenting with many different ways to get the look I was after, while ensuring it remained user friendly and easy to re-create for others, I finally arrived at the V Pouch. And yes, as you may have guessed, she gets her name from her gorgeous, inverted little darts at each end of the gusset.

V Pouch - Andrie Designs

The V Pouch sits upright and has a wide opening, making it a practical design for almost any application. Featuring a zipper closure, generous gusset base, inner zipper pocket and a simple wrist strap, the V Pouch is a wonderfully quick and easy sew – perfect for last minute gifts or simply for yourself!

~ PLUS! ~

The V Pouch pattern also comes with detailed instructions on how to modify the pattern pieces to make a custom sized pouch. With step by step instructions on how to change the width and/or the height of the pouch, this pattern will quickly become a staple in your bag pattern collection!

You can find the V Pouch pattern here and the comprehensive video class here.

First up we have our beautiful cover girl (standard size) made by the talented Milagros!


Milagros had such fun with the pattern (as did many of our testers, as you’ll see below), that she went on to make a second V Pouch as well (standard size)!


Check out these three that Leslie from Love Rubie made (all standard size)! WOW!!


Next up we have a gorgeous floral and fuchsia V Pouch made by Angelina from Izume (custom size)!


This stunning black and gold version (custom size) was made by the amazing Alana from Alana Jane Designs!


Elizabeth from QuiltAngel Creations had great fun making a couple of totally different, custom sized V Pouches!

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Abbe from Just An E had great fun creating this V Pouch using some super awesome Ghastlies fabric (standard size)!


This stunning blue and pink creation (custom size) was made by Leah from Mama May Designs!

Gusset view of the colourful V Pouch - Andrie Designs

Tara from UhOh Creations made this beauty (custom size) using velvet fabric of all things! WOW!


This awesomely seasonal V Pouch (custom size) was made by the super bag maker Jane from S’more House!


Karen made this funky Australian-themed V Pouch in the standard size. You can see more of her amazing creations on her Instagram page here!

These two cork beauties (custom size) were made by Lorna from Ella Marsh Handmade!

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Rosemarie from Rosie Blooms made this mighty fine V Pouch (standard size)!

End view of the mermaid ladies V Pouch - Andrie Designs


This stunning teal and black V Pouch (custom size) was made by the talented Sue from Dreamscape Studio!

Birds eye view of the teal and black V Pouch - Andrie Designs

This colourful love hearts one was made by Stacey from All Sewn Up by Stacey (standard size)!

Michelle from MEW Designs had fun making this V Pouch using a geometric animals print (standard size)!

This Hello Kitty-themed V Pouch (standard size) was made by Laura from Sew Stitch n Crafty!


You can find the V Pouch pattern here and the comprehensive video class here.

Happy pouch making!

Lisa x

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