2022 Year in Review

2022 Year in Review - Andrie Designs

Hey bag makers! Can you believe this year is finally over? It was a year of triumphs, getting back to a new “normal” in some places and a year of exploring bag techniques! Today we are sharing some of the good moments of the past year and recapping all of our top and favourite moments! Check out the round-up below and let us know at the end what your favourite Andrie Designs moment was for 2022!

Blog Posts

In 2021 we released 22 blog posts, 23 if you count this one! That’s almost 2 posts a month! We shared round-ups of our favourite tips and tricks and so many customer creations! Pop on over to the blog in case you happened to miss something!

Blog Posts - 2022 Year in Review - Andrie Designs


We shared so many fun memes and customer photos and even some Instagram Reels on Instagram in 2022. The best part? We had the highest engagement we have ever had! We focused less on finding new faces and focused on engaging with the ones who were with us! Check out our top posts from Instagram this year.

Most Like Post

Most Like Meme

Most Watched Reel


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Not only was engagement incredible on Instagram, but it was in our group too! We saw 325 new faces join the Andrie Designs Patterns Group and 167 new posts. You all did amazing cheering each other on and helping out. The top make shared in 2022 was the Classic Market Tote with over 30 being shared. It quickly became a top fave with our bag makers!

FB Group - 2022 Year in Review - Andrie Designs


Even though we didn’t have a new pattern come out this year, we did see some new patterns become top sellers! The Stand Up and Tote Notice and Cleo Everyday Wallet continue to be our most popular PDF Patterns! It’s also no surprise that the Layla Essentials Purse and Adventure Time Backpack were our most popular Comprehensive Video Classes this year. Those patterns have so many pieces so the video helps you sew along smoothly!

Stand Up & Tote Notice - Andrie Designs

Cleo Everyday Wallet - Andrie Designs

Andrie Designs - Adventure Time Backpack

Make sure you are following @andriedesigns and use our hashtags #andriedesigns and #andriedesignspatterns for all Andrie Designs makes. That way we can see what you’re posting on Instagram and we can share your beautiful creations!

2021 was a rollercoaster of a year behind-the-scenes at Andrie Designs! We are so proud of what we did this year and cannot wait to see what the future holds! What was your favourite Andrie Design moment? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Thank you for an amazing year and here’s to an incredible 2023!

<3 The Andrie Designs Team!

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