Bree’s Box Toiletry Caddy

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USD $7.48

Introducing the Bree’s Box Toiletry Caddy by Andrie Designs! This classy, yet practical, toiletry caddy has been designed to be dual purpose. Initially, it is a generously sized toiletry bag to transport all your toiletry needs. Once at your accommodation, it can be used as a handy toiletry caddy to keep all your toiletries organised and easily accessible while away from home!

~ This design is also available as a comprehensive video class! Click HERE to find out more! ~

~ The Bree’s Box Toiletry Caddy pattern was first featured in the May 2018 issue of the Australian Magazine ‘Homespun’ (click here) ~

Great news! You can purchase acrylic templates for the Bree’s Box Toiletry Caddy from Brymaxx Precision! Click here to find out more!