Quilt Me A Bag – Round Up

Quilt Me A Bag - Andrie Designs

Well hello! Today is the official end of the Quilt Me A Bag blog series and what better way to end this amazing series than with a fantastic giveaway! Yes, I have one more giveaway for you (!!!) but first let’s revisit the blog posts that have brought us to today, and take a look at all those stunning quilted bags Crystal has been making over the past 5 weeks…

Quilt Me A Bag - Andrie Designs
Left to right: Creative’s Tote, Roll With It Tote, Cleo Everyday Wallet, Carry All Flexi Clutch, Stand Up & Tote Notice.

Quilt Me A Bag - Andrie Designs

Oh me, oh my… *sigh*…

Quilt Me A Bag - Andrie Designs

How AH-mazing do they all look?!?

Quilt Me A Bag - Andrie Designs

Post 1: Quilt Me A Bag Series

Quilt Me A Bag Series - Andrie Designs

We couldn’t start the series without a post introducing our fantastic series partner, the one and only Alison Glass

Quilt Me A Bag Series - Andrie Designs

Alison GlassAs well as our AH-mazing quilter-bag maker extraordinaire, Crystal Harrison!

Quilt Me A Bag Series - Andrie DesignsThank you, thank you, THANK YOU Alison and Crystal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please make sure you click the links below to visit their pages and show them some love in return for the generosity they have shown throughout this blog series!!

You can find Alison’s website here: https://alisonglass.com/

You can find Crystal’s Instagram page here: https://www.instagram.com/tayahdesigns/

Post 2: Quilt Me A Bag – Roll With It Tote

Quilt Me A Bag - Roll With It Tote - Andrie DesignsFirst up in the series was the Roll With It Tote, where Crystal used the ‘Quilt As You Go’ method to create the beautiful outer pocket panels you can see in the photo above.

You can find the Quilt Me A Bag – Roll With It Tote blog post here and the pattern here.

Post 3: Quilt Me A Bag – Cleo Everyday Wallet

Quilt Me A Bag - Cleo Everyday Wallet - Andrie DesignsNext in the series was the Cleo Everyday Wallet, where Crystal used simple strip piecing to create the lovely rainbow effect you can see.

You can find the Quilt Me A Bag – Cleo Everyday Wallet blog post here and the pattern here.

Post 4: Quilt Me A Bag – Stand Up & Tote Notice

Quilt Me A Bag - Stand Up & Tote Notice - Andrie DesignsThe next bag in the series was the ever-popular Stand Up & Tote Notice tote bag pattern. For this stunner, Crystal used a Dresden ruler to create the outer pockets and the handles, as well as some simple (yet oh-so-effective) top stitching on the remaining outer panels.

You can find the Quilt Me A Bag – Stand Up & Tote Notice blog post here and the pattern here.

Post 5: Quilt Me A Bag – Carry All Flexi Clutch

Quilt Me A Bag - Carry All Flexi Clutch - Andrie DesignsFollowing the Stand Up Tote, we reduced things down a little and looked at the Carry All Flexi Clutch, where Crystal had fun creating paper pieced flying geese! How great do they look?!

You can find the Quilt Me A Bag – Carry All Flexi Clutch blog post here and the pattern here.

Post 6: Quilt Me A Bag – Creative’s Tote – Part 1 and Quilt Me A Bag – Creative’s Tote – Part 2

Quilt Me A Bag - Creative's Tote - Andrie Designs

Quilt Me A Bag - Creative's Tote - Andrie DesignsFinally, we ended the series with a beautifully constructed, quilty masterpiece that is the Creative’s Tote! Crystal had so much fun playing around with paper piecing, free motion quilting, and half square triangles that we ended up having to split this post over two days!

You can find the Quilt Me A Bag – Creative’s Tote blog posts here and here. You can find the pattern here.

As well as the wonderful support of Alison Glass, we were also lucky enough to receive some pretty awesome giveaway prizes from the following sponsors –

two pretty poppets will be teaching at Voodoo Rabbit Fabric - two pretty poppets

Handbag Hardware Australia

Emmaline Bags

Thank you SO MUCH Kylie from Voodoo Rabbit Fabric, Kylie from Betty Box Pleat and Janelle from Emmaline Bags!!!

Please feel free to click on the links above to be taken directly to their websites/shops – who knows what goodies you’ll find! (And yes, I’m totally an enabler haha).


As promised, I have one last giveaway for you and this time it’s a little bit different as it’s a… BUNDLE! Yes, that’s right, a bundle full of some awesome little goodies including –

  • From Alison Glass – a pattern, small amount of fabric, little Alison Glass bits and bobs (have to keep SOME of it a surprise!), AND…
  • From Janelle (Emmaline Bags) – a $50 CAD gift certificate, AND…
  • From me (Andrie Designs) – a PDF bundle containing a copy of each and every pattern featured in this series! (And YES! That includes a copy of the soon-to-be-released Creative’s Tote!!!).

Quilt Me A Bag - Andrie Designs

OH-EMM-GEEEEE! 🙂 That’s an amazing giveaway and to enter, all you need to do is comment below and tell us which bag out of the five Crystal made throughout this series is your absolute favourite! That’s it! Too easy!

Good luck!!! Lisa x

T&C’s: Giveaway is open worldwide for 48 hours from time of post (Australian EST). Limit of one entry (comment) per person. Winner will be chosen at random and contacted via the email address used to post the comment (NOTE – email addresses will NOT be published as your privacy is extremely important to us). The winner will also be mentioned in a comment on this post. If Andrie Designs is unable to establish contact with chosen winner after one (1) week, a new winner will be drawn. Andrie Designs decision is final.

108 thoughts on “Quilt Me A Bag – Round Up

  1. Lorraine Irvine says:

    I fell in love with handmade quilted bags some time ago and they are trying to takeover my wardrobe and evict all my shoes. Well, you can do more with a lovely handmade bag than you can with shoes so I think that is the way I am going from now on. Keep up the patterns – I will try almost anything!

  2. Karen Tremblay says:

    They are all fantastic, but the Roll with it Tote is amazing and first up on my list to try! ❤️

    • Lisa says:

      CONGRATULATIONS KAREN!!! You have won the final giveaway prize for this blog series! Please check your inbox for an email from Andrie Designs! 🙂

  3. Rosemarie Sabey says:

    This would be a great giveaway to win!! My favorite (hard to choose) would have to be the Creatives Tote. I hope it’s coming out soon because I cannot wait to make it!!

  4. Georgette Fernandez says:

    The Cleo everyday wallet! I’m also looking for something small enough to carry when I go out to eat with my husband! Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. Janice says:

    I like the Creative tote and just yesterday a refugee lady from Somalia who I am teaching to sew asked me to teach her how to make a big bag for shopping. I think this will be my choice!

  6. Laurie Levites says:

    It is like…bag making and
    Quilting is not and eithet/or…. fun! I like the Roll with it best..xause I don’t have that pattern, and I like the curve, but I also like the Flexie clutch… cause it seems really practical…

  7. Chantell says:

    The creative tote draws my attention with all the detail and colours but then I love the roll with it the simplicity of just the pop of colour with the dark background is my favourite and something I’d try myself being a newbie to quilting ?

  8. Kelley says:

    I absolutely love the Roll With It Tote! They’re all beautiful work, but something about that one just speaks to me! ???
    -Kelley Paz

  9. Annette Beilby says:

    Roll with it tore is my favourite, but they are all beautiful. Wish I live closer to be able to visit your store your bags are so beautifully designed. Have enjoyed your posts and I am very interested in making one of your designs .

  10. Jenny Brooks says:

    I love all the bags and love the ideas and can’t wait till I get time to try some of these myself! Thanks to everyone involved with this for all the wonderful projects and ideas and gifts! I love all the bags but I think my favorite is the creatives torte, I think I will do
    That one first for myself!

    Jenny in Florida

  11. Lynn Taylor says:

    Every bag is unique in it’s own special way but the Roll With It tote would probably be my favourite, I love the idea of quilt as you go

  12. Stacey says:

    I’m in love with the Cleo Everyday Wallet. There is nothing everyday about it. No need to wear a fancy dress when you have one Crystal’s Cleos in your hand, it’s all that anyone would look at.

  13. Madge Mason says:

    Ooh I Love Crystal and ALL of her quilty creations!! I especially Love the Creative’s Tote.. I cannot wait for that pattern.. I Love her use of color, and Epic Paper Piecing skills!!

  14. Cathy Gall says:

    Roll with it tote is my favourite, love making bags & now there’s more to do. Great support from wonderful sponsors.

  15. Naomi Vela says:

    It’s so hard to pick just one, so perhaps if Crystal just sends them all to me, I can easier make my mind up which I prefer…..after I’ve used them all to death!!!! Seriously though, I’m at a loss to pick just one, but if I have to narrow it down, to just one of five num nums (!) I’ll pick the Carry All Flexi Clutch. Thank you for a wonderful series and your wonderful sponsors of the giveaways, especially Voodoo Rabbit Fabric (Hmmm I wonder why lol)


  16. Jacqui Emmerton says:

    I love them all. But I do love the Cleo wallet. Thank you all for this wonderful series of beautiful bags and wallet. I cannot wait have a go at making the Cleo in patchwork fabrics. Xoxo

  17. Louise Blomfield says:

    They are all gorgeous but the Roll with it Tote is my absolute favourite! I can’t wait to try these. Thanks

  18. Marion says:

    I must say all the bags were gorgeous but my favourite is the Roll with it tote. Thanks for a lovely series.

  19. Pauline Forsdick says:

    I love them all but my favourite is by far the Roll With it Tote. Stylish and sophisticated while still being very playful. Congratulations to all involved with this initiative.

  20. Jessica Kroger says:

    I think the cleo everyday wallet is my favorite. Followed very closely by the roll with it tote. I’ve been eyeing both of those patterns for a bit. My craft room is a disaster. I am in the middle of painting it. All of my crafty stuff is in totes so I’ve held off on compiling my next projects for a bit.

  21. Margaret Maley says:

    I love the Roll with It Tote with the Cleo a close second! Thanks for this series – lots of beautiful inspiration!

  22. Jen Chibnall says:

    They are all gorgeous, but if I had to choose just one it would be the Cleo. I have made a couple of these, but the quilting just takes it up to a whole new level!! Congratulations to all of you.


  23. Denise Bakes says:

    Fabulous bags but my favorite is the Roll With It Tote. The design and use of colour just draws me to it.❤️

  24. Michelle says:

    They are all gorgeous! My favorite is the Stand Up and Tote Notice, but the Creative’s tote is a close second. I have so many ideas now!

  25. Angelina U. says:

    Not sure I could pick just one they are all wonderful. I really love the look of the Roll With It Tote, and the Cleo Wallet is awesome too!

  26. Sally says:

    They are all Beautiful! My favorite is a toss up between the Roll With It Tote and the Carry All Flexi. You did a smashing job, Crystal!

  27. Kelie Copas says:

    They are all gorgeous but I think the Roll With It Tote and Everyday Wallet are tied for first in my book!!!

  28. Betty Robson says:

    Hmmm…this is a hard decision. They are all so nice. I will go with the Creative Tote. Thanks for the draw!!

  29. Jane Osborne says:

    I am loving that Creative Tote. Well to be honest they all look amazing! Thank you for the inspiration, must go now make some quilty panels and have a go at some of these fabulous ideas.

  30. Joan says:

    Love the bags and the colors, if I must choose I’d say the Carry All Flexi Clutch. Thanks for the opportunity, hope I win.

  31. Donna says:

    Wonderful bags, roll with it tote is my favorite, but I truly want to make every one. Thanks for great giveaway.

  32. Cheryl Beason says:

    Crystal did an amazing job on all the bags!!! My favorite is the creative Tote!!! The piecing on it blew me away!! Wonderful series!!!

  33. Reece says:

    What a generous prize! It’s really hard to choose a favourite, as Crystal did such a good job with them all, but the Creative’s Tote is truly stunning.

  34. Brenda Holmes says:

    I adore your bags, but my favourite is the Creative’s Tote, as it embodies so many techniques and is so colourful.

  35. edrahoss says:

    I love the Roll With It Tote most. I’ve already purchased the pattern and can’t wait to make my own.

  36. Woodsie says:

    OMGoodness! I love them all! They are all ever so beautiful, many talented people have put their fingerprints on this great project and I thank all for the great beauty. From the patterns to the creation of the gorgeous fabric and to the immersion of all the beautifully, gorgeous bags.❤????❣
    It’s so hard to say I have a favorite or that I like one over the other, but if I had to make a choice it would be the roll with it tote.?
    Thank you!

  37. Kate says:

    If I can only pick one, I think it might be Stand Up and Tote Notice. I’d rather get to pick 5, they are all so great.
    I learned a lot and will try a couple of those ideas soon.

  38. Karen Leverton says:

    I love the creative tote and the piecing on it plus the glorious colours. Inspired now to make my own patchwork Creative Tote.

  39. Pam S says:

    All the bags are delightful. I especially love the stand up tote. Thanks so much for the this series! I enjoyed reading about all of the bags.

  40. Crystal Harrison says:

    Wow!!! You ALL are AMAZING!! Thanks so much for the kind words & all the LOVE!❤️ I feel so very blessed!

  41. CAROLYN GIVENS says:

    Don’t know if I am commenting in time to be included in the “give away” since I haven’t opened my email in a few days… but I have so much enjoyed your blog.
    My friend and I are just starting to make bags and I have found your directions so helpful.
    Thank you so much.

  42. Judy Lucas says:

    The Carry All Flexi Clutch is my favorite. I have been looking for a bag that will fit nicely into the saddle bag on my motorcycle, not too small, not too big, but still be colorful since I am not a traditional black leather wearing biker!

  43. Tiina Kovalaine says:

    Roll with it and creative tote are both my faves. These bags in the series are great! Thanks so much for making the series.

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