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The Stand Up Tote Gets Zipped!

Stand Up Tote Gets Zippered - Andrie Designs

Hi everyone! Oh boy, oh boy do I have an exciting pattern hack for you today and it’s something many of you have been asking about for a while now… Adding a zipper closure to the Stand Up & Tote Notice pattern!!! Hooray!!! The ever-lovely Aimee from The Little Bird Designs has been hard at […]

Introducing Maker Maker by Andover Fabrics: Part 2

Introducing Maker Maker by Andover Fabrics - two pretty poppets

If you read my last blog post (here), you will have seen the gorgeous Maker Maker range by Sarah Golden, from Andover Fabrics, is out and just divine… Like seriously, it really is…! As well as making a Cleo Everyday Wallet, Fiona from 2 Green Zebras also asked me if I’d be interested in making […]

two pretty poppets Meets Tilda Bumblebee!

two pretty poppets Meets Tilda Bumblebee - two pretty poppets

I’d like to introduce you to Bumblebee – the new fabric collection from Tilda! Last month I was honoured to receive an email from the lovely Fiona at 2 Green Zebras (the Australian distributor of Tilda) to ask if I would be interested in making a bag with fabric from Tilda’s upcoming new collection, Bumblebee. […]

Stand Up & Tote Notice – What Goes Where?

Stand Up & Tote Notice - What Goes Where? - Andrie Designs

Hello everyone! Today’s post is short and sweet and is for the Stand Up & Tote Notice pattern. If you haven’t grabbed your copy of this extremely popular pattern then you can do so here. If it’s your first time making this bag then you may find it a bit confusing trying to work out […]

Stand Up & Tote Notice

Stand Up and Tote Notice - Pattern Inspiration - Andrie Designs

Following the fun of my Goin’ Uptown Tote and Heavy Hauler Tote Bag patterns, I felt it was time for an easier pattern – one with less pieces and one that came together MUCH more quickly! I wanted to design a basic tote bag that had only had a handful of pieces, was a nice […]