A Trip Down Memory Lane

A Trip Down Memory Lane - Andrie Designs

Hey bag maker! We’ve done a lot of recaps lately of tips and tricks for patterns, videos and of tutorials so last night I got thinking, what about a recap of where Andrie Designs began and the incredible changes that have happened over the years?

Where it all began

Lisa started sewing when her mum taught her how to sew at the tender age of very young (maybe 8…?). Initially, she dabbled here and there with different sewing projects as one does. She started with quilts and clothing for her girls but she found her true calling when she began making bags. She initially started the business with the name two pretty poppets. A sweet tribute to her girls.

Her very first pattern was the Insulated Lunch Bag in 2014. She needed a bag to carry her girl’s lunch boxes around.

Insulated Lunch Bag - Pattern Inspiration - Andrie Design

After the Insulated Lunch Bag launched, she launched the Reusable Snack Bag and Essential Diaper Clutch.

Reusable Snack Bag - Pattern Inspiration - Andrie Designs

Essential Diaper Clutch - Pattern Inspiration - Andrie Designs

The Essential Diaper Clutch, Reusable Snack Bag and Insulated Lunch Bag have since been discontinued but are great to look back at!

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Not long after these simple designs, Lisa launched the Goin’ Uptown Tote. She needed a bigger shopping bag and wanted it to hold a fair amount of things without looking big and bulky, and still be trendy and stylish at the same time. The Goin’ Uptown Tote is the first time we see Lisa add piping to a bag design.

Goin' Uptown Tote - Pattern Inspiration - Andrie Designs

Not long after we saw the Hang About Toiletry Bag come to life and the infamous Stand Up and Tote Notice. Both have become staples in the Andrie Designs Pattern catalogue and are fan favourites!

Hang About Toiletry Bag - Pattern Inspiration - Andrie Designs

Stand Up and Tote Notice - Pattern Inspiration - Andrie Designs

Say Hello to Andrie Designs

In 2017 Lisa decided to rebrand to Andrie Designs. The name ‘two pretty poppets’ did not fit what the business had become, or where the business was heading. When two pretty poppets were started, she was primarily making clothes for her two daughters, her two pretty poppets. She stumbled into pattern making and as they say, the rest is history.

What is the story behind the name?

The story behind this name is, again, quite a personal one. My middle name is Anne. This is a name my parents gave me when I not-so-graciously entered this world, not because it came from anywhere in particular such as some great great someone-or-other, but simply because they liked it. I like it too. So that’s where the ‘An’ part of Andrie comes from.

The ‘drie’ part comes from my Nana, my last surviving grandparent. Her name is Audrey, and while I love that name and could have easily chosen that, I felt the name needed to have a part of me in it too (the ‘An’ part). The change of spelling from ‘drey’ to ‘drie’ is simply because I wanted to put a modern twist on the classic and timeless name.

With the rebranding, came a new pattern! The first official Andrie Designs pattern was the Made for Me Sewing Machine Cover. This sweet pattern was one of the first fully customizable patterns to create the perfect cover for any sewing machine!

Made For Me Sewing Machine Cover - Andrie Designs

After that, the business grew to include so many incredible designs. She launched the Classic Collection, two different wallet patterns (Cleo Everyday Wallet and Layla Essentials Purse) and the most adventurous pattern in the collection, the Adventure Time Backpack!

Adventure Time Backpack - Andrie Designs

We hope you have enjoyed this trip down memory lane with us! Watching the creations you make from all these patterns is a joy year after year and we can’t wait to see what more is to come!

Which pattern from our lineup is your favourite? I’m sure you all know that the Stand Up Clutch is mine! It was my time working with Lisa and the beginning of a beautiful adventure!

Happy Sewing!


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