Cleo Everyday Wallet Tips and Tricks

Cleo Everyday Wallet Tips and Tricks - Andrie Designs

  Hello bag makers! The Cleo Everyday Wallet is an easy-to-follow sewing pattern to create a classic and curvy wallet that is everything you need to carry all your cards, notes, coins and more on a daily basis. We’ve hacked this sweet little wallet in many different ways so in this post, we’ve rounded up […]

The Best Patterns for Large Prints

The Best Patterns for Large Prints - Andrie Designs

Hey Bag Makers! Do you ever order a fabric and then when it comes in, the print is actually huge? Well, today we’re talking all about large print fabrics and how to use them! I designed and ordered this candy fabric recently and underestimated the size of the images. Those candies are up to 5″ […]

Sew-Along Round-Up

Sew-Along Round-Up - Andrie Designs

Hey Bag Makers! Did you know that we have 2 sew-alongs on our blog? They are for our most in-depth and adventurous patterns, the Hang About Toiletry Bag and Adventure Time Backpack. These sew-alongs are tucked away in the early days of the blog so today we’ve rounded them up into one place so you […]

How to Watch Your Video Classes

How to Watch your Video Class - Andrie Designs

Hey Bag Makers! Today we have a new answer to a frequently asked question, “How do I access my Comprehensive Video Classes?” We often get emails asking why the button doesn’t work so today we’re going to walk you through the steps so you can find them any time! When you access your downloads in […]

How to Cut and Join Bias Strips

How to Cut and Join Bias Strips - Andrie Designs

If you are a fan of Andrie Designs, you know that we love adding piping to gussets and bias edging to pockets! In today’s tips and tricks, we are going to share with you the steps to create bias strips that you can use to not only make your own piping but add to your […]

Peekaboo Pocket Hack

Peekaboo Pocket Hack - Andrie Designs

Hey bag makers! We are coming to you today with a brand-new pattern hack! In this hack, we are showing you how to add a little pocket to the peekaboo overlay on the flap of your Peekaboo Purse. Check out the steps below! Not familiar with theΒ Peekaboo Purse pattern? Not to worry! You can find […]

Sewing Leather and Vinyl on a Domestic Machine

Sewing Leather and Vinyl on on a Domestic Machine - Andrie Designs

A question that pops up frequently in the bag-making world is “can I sew with leather or vinyl on my home sewing machine?” and I am here to tell you YES you absolutely can! As the resident pattern hacker at Andrie Designs, every pattern hack you see is sewn on a simple (and cheap) Brother […]