Gather Me Up Hip Bag

Gather Me Up Hip Bag - Andrie Designs

Hello bag makers! With masks and hand sanitizer being the norm, I thought it was time to hack a pattern so you can carry your important items hands-free while out shopping! With that in mind, read on to see the simple little hack you can use to turn your Gather Me Up Clutch into the perfect hip bag!

Not familiar with the Gather Me Up Clutch pattern? Not to worry! You can find it here.

You want to have your exterior pieces completed, however, not sewn TOGETHER and your lining completed. Before you make your strap or strap connectors, read below!

For your strap connectors (both sizes):

  • 2 – 3/4″ (2cm) D-rings
  • Cut your strap connectors at 3″ x 3″ (7.5cm x 7.5cm)instead of the pattern size
  • Cut your strap connector interfacing at 1.5″ x 3″ (4cm x 7.5cm)
  • instead of the pattern size

Sew your strap connectors as per “STRAP CONNECTORS” in the pattern. They will be 1″ (2.5cm) longer than the original size.

Strap Connectors - Gather Me Up Hip Bag - Andrie Designs

Finished Strap Connectors - Gather Me Up Hip Bag - Andrie Designs

For the Strap (both sizes):

  • 2 – 1″ (2.5cm) Swivel hooks. 1″ (2.5cm) gives a slightly more wide strap and will help with the stress of wearing around your waist!
  • Cut your fabric at 4″ (10cm) wide by your waist measurement.
  • Cut your fabric at 2″ (5cm )wide by your waist measurement.

Assemble your strap as per “CROSS BODY STRAP” in the pattern. We are using our waist measurement so that you have some adjustment depending on the clothing you wear PLUS it gives you the option to carry it as a shoulder bag!

Now onto the fun stuff!

Take your strap connectors and lay them flat on your workspace. I like to have the “open edge” facing away from each other. This ensures that the edge is facing the ground when finished. On the outer edge of each connector, mark a line 1/4″ (0.6cm) up from the raw edge.

Marked Strap Connectors on either sides- Gather Me Up Hip Bag - Andrie Designs

Take your completed backside of the bag and lay it face up on your workspace. We will be placing these strap connectors at an angle. The bottom unmarked edge will sit at the bottom edge of the “Outer Back Pocket – Top“. Using that 1/4” (0.6cm) mark as a guide, angle the strap connector so that the marking lines up with the edge.

Strap Connector sitting in place - Gather Me Up Hip Bag - Andrie Designs

Repeat for the other side. Make sure both are angling UP towards the top edge.

Angle of strap connectors - Gather Me Up Hip Bag - Andrie Designs

Baste in place.

Strap Connectors basted on - Gather Me Up Hip Bag - Andrie Designs

Strap Connectors basted - Gather Me Up Hip Bag - Andrie Designs

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We angle them like this for a better fit around the waist. Without angling them, you will find that the bottom edge would wear out quickly and come loose, this stops that!

Complete your bag exterior as per “Assembling Your Outer Clutch” BUT stop when you get to trim the seam allowance. You will still trim the seam allowance, but DON’T trim the strap connectors. We want that excess stitching to stay in place as reinforcement!

Seam allowance trimmed - Gather Me Up Hip Bag - Andrie Designs

Go ahead and complete the rest of your new hip bag!

Finished bag - Gather Me Up Hip Bag - Andrie Designs

It’s such a quick little hack, that you’ll hardly notice the change! By adding the extra inch to the strap connectors, we allow for that angle to happen and it makes for a much more comfortable hip bag!

Angled sides for hip bag - Gather Me Up Hip Bag - Andrie Designs

The perfect size - Gather Me Up Hip Bag - Andrie Designs

The bonus feature of this hip bag? That back pocket is perfect for carrying your face masks. You could even use a waterproof lining that you could wipe down after placing masks in it. It also means your masks are kept away from the rest of your belongings!

Back pocket great for masks - Gather Me Up Hip Bag - Andrie Designs

Another great thing about this pattern is that the large size fits the Layla Essentials Purse perfectly, giving you a completely custom set!

Even fits Layla - Gather Me Up Hip Bag - Andrie Designs

Once you’ve completed your Gather Me Up Hip Bag, head to the Andrie Designs Facebook Group and share your creations with us. We love seeing what you come up with!

Will you be trying this pattern hack out? I cannot wait to make more for walking adventures!

<3 Aimee

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