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Creating a Double Pull Zipper

Creating a Double Pull Zipper - Andrie Designs

I recently wrote an article for Issue 11 of the digital sewing magazine One Thimble on creating your own double pull zippers and thought you might like to have a read of it here on my blog as well! I learnt how to make double pull zippers a few months ago when designing my Little […]

Adventure Time Backpack

Adventure Time Backpack - Andrie Designs

For quite a while I had wanted to design a backpack pattern. Not just any backpack pattern either mind you, but one that accommodated almost everyone (so it needed multiple sizes), had many pocket options, and also had some awesome little features that really made it stand out from the rest. With piping, a main […]

Meet the Maker: Bitter Candy Handmade

Meet the Maker - Bitter Candy Handmade - Andrie Designs

With a background in design and a history of creativity, it’s no surprise that our Meet the Maker guest for the day has taken to bag making like a duck to water. Elizabeth Gilmartin’s inspiring story, amazing bags, and adorable fur-babies make this one interview you won’t want to miss. Please tell us a little […]

Meet the Maker: Annie Zorzo Accessories

Meet the Maker - Annie Zorzo Accessories - Andrie Designs

I’ll let you in on a little secret. I’m a wee bit star struck by our Meet the Maker guest today. Vibrant colours and unique designs are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to her exquisite creations. I’ve had my eye on the work of Annie Zorzo for some time, so I […]

Hardware Heaven: From Bag Feet to Bling

Hardware Heaven: From Bag Feet to Bling - Andrie Designs

Today is the last leg of our Hardware Heaven flight and what a journey it’s been. We began with the bread and butter of the hardware world: Magnetic Snaps. This included a tutorial for installing both a prong back and sew in (invisible) snap. Next we visited the magnetic snaps older, more sophisticated brother: The […]

Hardware Heaven: Rivets

Hardware Heaven: Rivets - Andrie Designs

I’m not sure if it’s the shininess, the ‘bought from a store’ feel, or the fact that you get funky little tools to play with, but there’s something about rivets that always make me feel like a professional. It’s a bit like drinking wine from a crystal glass instead of a coffee mug. It tastes […]

Meet the Maker: Les envies de Charlotte

Meet the Maker - Les envies de Charlotte - Andrie Designs

*Ahem* You’ll have to excuse me while I wipe the drool from my keyboard. I’ve just finished this Meet the Maker post and boy, are you in for a treat. The fabric combinations, the stitching, the photography. I think I’m in love. Of course, with today’s guest residing in the ever-enchanting France, it’s hard not […]